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Lucky Lucky Lucky

Lucky Lucky Lucky

Betsy got back from the van Doctor and was all better. I’m pretty sure we are going on adventures today because dad had been going back forward to Betsy all morning. I have been keeping an eye on him.

poppy the westie in the window

Every time he goes out with bags every time he comes back empty handed. We are definitely going on adventures.

poppy the westie on the bottom stairs

Dad was talking to peoplesees on the talk box. There was a problem with a big boat. It was not well and was in the ship doctors at Troon. Mmmm we are going to an island, but which one? Grandpa took me for my walk early and when we were out, I met Dads nephew Andrew, that was a surprise. Mum came home and we all bundled into Betsy and offski. Betsy was in a hurry. She sped down roads faster than she had gone in years. Soon she was pulling into Ardrossan and had to wait in a big que. The peoplesee said she would get on the six o’clock ferry for sure.

poppy the westie resting in Betsy at addrossan

The ferry started to eat the cars and trucks. A peoplesee came up and told the car in front of us he was too long to fit because of his trailer. He looked at Betsy and waved us on. We were the last to get on the ferry. That was lucky eh Dad?

car bay on the Brodick ferry

I have been on this ferry many times before, we must be going to Arran. We left Betsy and went up to the top deck. Because Mr Wind was about very few peoplesees were outside. We had the place to ourselves, well almost.

poppy the westie on top deck of the Brodick Ferry

As we crossed the water the sun started to come out and Mr wind decided to go play somewhere else. I jumped up on a bench to get a better view of the Island.

poppy the westie on bench comming into Arran

The ferry came to a stop and the ferry peoplesees let us off in the first batch. Lucky again Dad. Betsy pulled into a shop so mum could get some carrots and was soon off again. Betsy was taking it easy, all the running to get to the ferry must have taken it out of her.

After a nice plod up the island Betsy pulled into the Lochranza campsite for a long rest. It’s good to be back dad. It was good getting the earlier ferry, It meant we could setup camp and go for a walk while it was still warmish. When we unpacked Mum discovered that we had no dinners for me! Mum how can you forget my dinners? What am I going to eat? I’m starving! Dad jumped out of Betsy and went to one of our camp site neighbours. They were very nice and gave dad a bag of food, just for me. “Makes a change from asking for a cup of sugar” said Mum. That was lucky I thought, it was even grain free and tasted nice.

poppy the westie and betsy back at Lochranza

Lochranza is famous for two things, no talk box signal and bad tinternets. Dad wanted to watch Rangers tonight. They were playing in Germany. It was a big game, a semi-final. Dad said it was ages since Rangers played in a European semi-final. Luck was with us again! Dad managed to find a wifi. I have no idea what a wifi is but it made dad very happy and it meant we could all watch the football.

UEFA cup semi final

Rangers lost 1-0 but dad said it could have been a lot worse. We settled in for the night as the sun turned the sky red and pink.

sunset over Lochranza campsite

It was soon dark. I scratched the door. “Time for somebody’s walk” said mum. Dad put harness on me but left me off leash. It was great! I zoomed about the place, dad had difficulty seeing me. Smell after smell after smell. I zoomed from one to another, dad could only here where I was by the sound of my paws pounding against the dry grass. He said I sounded like a racehorse. Time to get back to Betsy and Bed.

poppy the westie last walk in Lochranza

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