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New camp at Brodick

New camp at Brodick

We had to stay an extra day on Arran because of Cal Macs. Dad had a rant about the Scottish Government, suits me fine though. The new campsite at Auchrannie Resort was very posh. The other thing about the campsite is that it very near to the town. After lunch we went to do the fisherman’s walk. It was surprising how long it took to walk to The Arran Cheese shop. Betsy does it in a flash

poppy the westie at the arran cheese shop

We continued to Isle of Arran Brewery passed behind it and started to climb the hill. There was a sign that said allow four hours to climb Goat Fell and back. Aye right dad we’re no doing that. “No Poppy, much shorter” Up we went to the castle then headed into the woods.

poppy the westie in brodick castle

It was a nice walk through the woods we saw standing stones and lots of strange plants. The path brought us out at the brewery. I decided instead of the road we would cut through the golf course. Much better decision. Soon we were on a huge beach, poppys likes beach because it means no leash.

poppy the westie on brodick north beach

All good things and that, time to get back to Betsy. We left the islet and headed back to town. We had been walking for ages. Mum? Have we still got to walk all the way back there? Fraid so Poppy.

poppy the westie with brodick in the distance.

Back at Betsy I was shattered. Early night for me!

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