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Around Kildonan

Around Kildonan

Today we were going our big walk. Mr sun was staying indoors but at least the sky wasn’t crying. Mum was looking out for Ottersees but they were hiding today as well. We walked all the way to my favourite sealmonster hunting grounds but they weren’t there. Mmm must be on holidays. On the way back we went to explore the waterfall. Hurry up Mum I’ll take you there.

poppy the westie explores the waterfall

The waterfall was in full flow. It looks nicer when Mr Sun is out eh Dad?

the waterfall at kildonan

Back at camp we went for dinner, I got fishees and a bit of burger. The sky was getting lighter and we even got a wee keek of Ailsa Craig.

moody Ailsa Craig

After walk we took it easy, Dad watched football I went for a snooze. No cooking tonight, we will be eating at the hotel. Yum fishees and burger!

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