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Back to Kelburn Castle

Back to Kelburn Castle

We just got back home 3 days ago and we are off on adventures in Betsy again. Poppys loves adventures. We didn’t go far, we were only in Betsy for a bit before she pulled up and found a place to rest. We were at Kelburn Castle. I have been here before but it looked different in the sunshine.

poppy the westie at camp in Kelburn

Mum and dad were sitting out, first time the chairs have been dusted down this year. I was on long leash so had room to roam.

poppy the westie on grass at kelburn

Pretty soon Mr Sun did his magic and I got really drowsy, the grass was so so comfy. I just had to put my head down.

poppy the westie finds a comfy spot on the grass

Mum and dad staid up listing to music, drinking daft juice and taking in the views.

Arran from Kelburn

As it was time for my bedtime it was time for Mr Sun to hit the hay too.

sunset at kelburn

Next day we decided to explore some more of the estate. We passed the centre and café and passed by the frog pond. Soon we caught site of the castle. It is truly an odd castle, never ever seen one painted like this.

poppy the westie with kelburn castle

Which way we going? “The long glen walk Poppy” said Mum. Ok then let’s go. Poppys likes it here loads of great smells, smashing. Soon we came across a field of flowers that smelled of garlic.

poppy the westie in the wild garlic

The further we went up the glen the trees changed as did the flowers, plants and smells. I got a squirrelsees to chase, joy. All this hard work makes a Poppy thirsty. Good job there is a lot of fresh spring water to sip.

waterfall in the glen

On the other side of the glen it was mostly woodland nice enough and pleasant to walk down. Something caught my eye. What was it? Sniff sniff sniff sniff. Mmmmm I can see it but I cant smell it. What is it? “It’s a predator Poppy, better stay clear.” Predator? I’ll just bite it, Predator don’t scare me.

preditor in the glen kelburn

Time to hurry back to Betsy because dad wanted to watch the football. Well less said about the football the better. After the game we were going into Largs. It was really hot. Mum managed to get my cool coat wet at the local marina. I never got properly cool until I got to cool my paws in the Clyde.

poppy the westie cooling her paws at Largs

We explored Largs, it was quite nice but best of all it had a bus that took us back to camp. When I got back to Betsy I was done.

poppy the westie snoozing at the door

The rest of the day was easy. We just sat out and listened to music and ate nibbles. Bliss.  

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