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Meltdown in Tenby

Meltdown in Tenby

Up early and after yesterday’s trekking, dad asked the camp owner the best way to walk to Tenby. Off we go then. The paths were easy compared to yesterday, mostly downhill. I was off leash almost the whole way there. It crossed fields as it made its way down to town passing the cemetery and ending at the former Cemetery Chapel where I had to go back on leash. Where’s this beach then? Dad asked a bus driver in the carpark and soon we were going down a million steps to the beach.

Poppy the Westie lands on Tenby North Beach

This beach was great for ball, not too hard, not too soft and no Mr Wind to blow sand into my eyesees, perfect. BALL! BALL! BALL! I barked. “Poppy we will play ball, stop barking you will show us up” said mum. I looked at her then Dad then Mum again. “I don’t have it” said MUM. I looked to dad, he tossed it and I was off and running. Ball is the bestis game in the world! Ever.

Poppy the Westie playing ball on north beach Tenby

We played ball all the way to the harbour. Dad, I thought that boats were meant to be in the water not just sitting about in the sand. “Poppy they will be in the water when the tide comes in” he said. There’s that tide again. How come we don’t get tide in Glasgow?

Poppy the Westie in Tenby Harbour

We plodded round the harbour with all its amazing smells. I wasn’t allowed on the beach because peoplesees were playing rounders and they didn’t want Poppys to steal the ball. At the end of the harbour we climbed a hill to get a better view of the town. Dad you can almost see Betsy from here!

Poppy the Westie on Tenby Castle

There were lots of good smells here. I climbed the big rock thing and sniffed about the old cannons. What’s that over there Dad? “St. Catherine’s Island and fort” said Dad Oh OK then.

Poppy the Westie investigates a cannon at Tenby Castle

Better than the fort though was another beach, can we?

Poppy the Westie on South Beach Tenby

After a good game of ball we went to explore the town. It was very pretty but it was also very busy with lots of peoplesees. I had to be careful not to be kicked or trod on. Dad wanted to go into a record shop. When he went in suddenly there was a terrifying noise. Mum didn’t here it, but I did. I shook and shook and shook with fear. Mum Get us out of here, get us out of here now. She picked me up and gave me cuddles. Mum you just don’t know we have to get out of here. Finally dad came out, Mum, Dad we have to scarper, it’s time get back to Betsy. Now. We went back the same way we came by the cemetery and over the fields. I was a nice walk as the sun was out and the birds were singing and we were miles away from the big frights. Big frights takes it out of Poppys, in the afternoon I had to go for a snooze in the shade to recover.

Poppy the Westie and Betsy at Tenby campsite

Dinner tonight was at the Mulberry in Saundersfoot. A taxi was waiting at camp entrance and we were there in no time. A nice peoplsee gave us a quiet table with loads of space. Food came and I liked it.

Poppy the Westie in the Mulberry Saundersfoot

Mum? Where’s Dad going? “Poppy you might have a nice bowl of water but we have nothing to drink, Dad’s just going to get some” she said. Fair enough I’ll keep an eyesee on him anyways.

Poppy the Westie looks for dad in The Mulberry Saundersfoot

After dinner the taxi was waiting and took us back to camp. My Poppy sense tells me we are moving on tomorrow.

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