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Ups and Downs to Saundersfoot

Ups and Downs to Saundersfoot

Wakey wakey shakey wakay. Dad took me for a walk round our new camp. The sky was grey. Where we going today? “Saundersfoot Poppy, we better shake a leg” said mum. We went the same way as last night over the main road and down a small lane. I really couldn’t be bothered. Nope I’m going nowhere. Nope not coming. Mum and Dad were getting too far ahead, I suppose I better look after them.

Poppy the Westie on Waterwhynch Lane New Hedges

At the bottom we left the lane and followed a path up the hill. Up and up we went until we came to a field. “Look Poppy that’s Tenby, we’re going there tomorrow.

Poppy the Westie on costal path near Tenby

The path went on and on, up then down, muddy and dry as it hugged the cliffs. At some points the trees cleared and I could see the sea. Look Mum a beach, can we go there? “No Poppy we’re going to a different beach” grrrrrr but that one is just there.

Poppy the Westie above Monkstone Beach

The path started to drop all the way down to a cove. At the bottom we crossed a bridge over a stream and the path started to climb again. What was the point of coming all the way down just to go back up again? Then I saw it, I looked at Mum and I could see her heart sinking. Steps, lots of them.

Poppy the Westie on killer steps to Saundersfoot

At the top was a gate. What does that sign mean? “You don’t want to know Poppy” said dad.

Sign outside Saundersfoot

The path got very muddy as we went down to Saundersfoot. When we got to the beach Dad took off my onesie and washed it in the sea. We plodded through the town and had a picnic on a field next to Coppet Hall Beach. It was nice but the small peoplesees from the Kiosk put me on edge.

Poppy the Westie off leash at Saundersfoot

Fed and watered onwards. We got back to the beach path when suddenly it went into a hole. We go through there dad?

Poppy the Westie eyes up the big hole

It was cool in the tunnel and very dark even with my eyesees. I had to be very carefull, I could see the peoplesees coming towards me but they couldn’t see me, even though I’m white! Out the other end the air was warmer in the sun. Dad look another one.

Poppy the Westie and the second tunnel saundersfoot

This one was much longer than the last, it was also colder and darker. Some peoplesees used there talk boxes as a light but I still had to be light on my paws to avoid them. When we got to the other end the path went on for an age. Mum said we should go back to town and try and get a bus back to camp. Good call mum I don’t fancy all the ups and downs of that path. Back into the black holes then.

Poppy the Westie in the tunnel at saundersfoot

Back in the town we wandered about looking for a place called The Mulberry, Mum wants to eat there tomorrow night. It took a while to find it. As we were wandering around I saw a cat sleeping on a cushion in a window, grrrrrrr lucky cat.

cat in the window

Just as we were coming into the main square the bus came in. “The bus! Hurry!” shouted mum as she chased after it. Dad picked me up and ran. I was flying through the air! He ran and ran as mum managed to get to it in time. That was lucky, I really didn’t fancy that walk back to camp.

We took it easy for the rest of the day. We are going out for dinner tonight at a place called Umi in Tenby. A taxi was meant to be at the entrance of camp. It wasn’t. A wee while later still no taxi. Mum phoned Umi to tell them we would be late just as the taxi came in. We were only in taxi for a wee while before we were outside Umi. They gave us a nice table where I had a place to sit out of the road of the peoplesees.

Poppy the Westie in Umi Tenby

Dinner was nice I got Squidees! Mum and Dad liked there dinners too. Some of it was too spicy for Poppys. After dinner we went through the town to find a taxi. Mum had to phone for one. She used a different number but in a few wags of a pups tale we were on our way back to camp.


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