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Sunny Picnic in Lochranza

Sunny Picnic in Lochranza

When I woke up Dad was outside at a bench working on his computer. Dad you are on holidays, why you working? Its Holidays. Soon he finished and took me for my morning walks.

working at Lochranza

After brecky I walked with mum to the Lochranza Distillery. We were going there to buy the nice peoplesees a present for the food they gave me. There are no shops in Lochranza so the only place Mum can Buy a gift is the Distillery. I had to wait outside because it was not Poppy friendly.

poppy the westie waiting for mum at the lochranza distillery

It was a lovely dad and we were going for a long walk. I know this because mum has made a picnic. We headed out across the golf course and played ball along the way.

poppy the westie playing ball back at lochranza golf course

Back on the road dad let me off leash but it didn’t last for long. A peoplesee stopped their car and warned us about sheeps on the road. Dad said Poppys don’t bother with sheeps. The peoplesee said that’s not the problem, these sheeps attack dogs! Like to see them try. Once we passed them it was freedom again.

poppy the westie walking in lochranza

We followed the road until it turned into a path. It was quite busy. We met a few peoplesees along the way. Mum what’s that? “it’s a marker Poppy, it dives the direction and distance to places” she said. Mmmmm don’t know about that, but you get a good view from up here.

poppy the westie on marker near lochranza

The path is not as muddy as the last time Mum. Listen when I run I sound like a race horsee. We passed a group of peoplesees all looking at a rock. Why they look at the rock? “It’s a school trip and they are looking at Hutton’s Unconformity” said Dad. Go to school to look at rocks? Much more fun to Jump on them.

poppy the westie on stepping stones going to fairy glen

We walked along picnic beach and found a place to sit. Dad look is this rock an unconformity?

poppy the westie on rock at picnic beach arran

Picnics was good, cheese, ham and scruffy bites all washed down with a nice bowl of water. Where’s the muffins? “No muffins since Dad can’t eat them anymore,” said Mum. Mmmm but Poppys can, that’s pure rubbish.

poppy the westie at picnic on arrans north shore

As we were eating two peoplesees from the camp walked past and had a chat with Mum and Dad, I left them and went to explore the beach.

poppy the westie on picnic beach north of lochranza

Picnics all done we plodded to the wee cottage at the end of the beach, it had good grass for playing ball.

poppy the westie plys ball in a cottage garden Lochranza

At the end of the garden was a path that went to the fairy glen. The water was lovely and cool I stopped for a nice drink.

poppy the westie has a drink at fairy glen arran

Mum, Dad Look I’m up here, hurry up.

poppy the westie above fairy glen arran

OK I’ll come down then

poppy the westie jumps down to fairy glen arran

We climbed the hill all the time Mum was on the talkbox. Me and dad hung about at the top of the hill as we waited for her. Look dad, that’s picnic beach down there.

poppy the westie on high path to lochranza

Dad took a picture of me when two peoplsees asked if I was The wee white dug. Nope never met him and I definitely don’t do bow ties!

poppy the westie flagging on the high path to lochranza

A little while longer another peoplsee asked if I was the Wee white Dug. What is it with peoplesees, I’m a girl not a boy! Still got pets though. I as the path turned to a lane, I found a great spot to look down to Lochranza and Kintyre.

poppy the westie on rock above lochranza

It’s all downhill from here mum, look the ice cream place. But what’s that Grrrrrrrrrrrr, Grrrrrrrrrrrrough. GROUGH ROUGH ROUGH ROUGH. “Its OK Poppy” said mum. She petted a sign. Mum its not the sign. Look a monster!

poppy the westie spots danger in lochranza

Down the lane we plodded I stopped to let mum and dad catch up. That’s when I spotted the castle. Mum can we go play ball down at the castle again? “We will see Poppy”

poppy the westie has rest above lochranza

The lane wandered back down to the sea at the exact spot where hard men sheeps were. Dad I’m not afraid of no sheeps so how come the leash? Once past them he let me off again. We crossed a river using stepping stones and every so often we jumped it where it was narrow. I could see the castle but just couldn’t get to it.

poppy the westie near lochranza castle

I jumped the river again but even at the other side it was just too wide. It was hot and since we couldn’t cross it, I might as well cool my paws and have a nice big drink.

poppy the westie has a drink near lochranza castle

We gave up no way to get across. Lets go back to Betsy. To get there we followed a path that was beside the river, it was cool in the shade of the trees. At the top we entered the golf course, sniff, sniff, grrrrrrrrrrrrr. I know that smell nasty smelly deersees. I’ll protect you grrrrough, rough, rough, rough. Lucky deersees have a trench to protect them. 

poppy the westie spots a dear on way back to Betsy

Back at Betsy it was sunny and warm. Mum and Dad sat outside. I thought I would keep them company.

poppy the westie back at camp in lochranza

Cool grass on a hot day after big walks makes Poppys sleepy.

poppy the westie snoozy sun bathe in lochranza

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