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Picnics and Dragons

Picnics and Dragons

Wakey wakey shaky wakey. Thud. Time for walks. Quick sniff of dinner bowl, stretchy witchy, get to van door, scratch, scratch, scratch, scratch. Turn round and look at Dad. “OK, OK Poppy get your lead on” said Dad. We walked through the trees down to the beach, looks like it should be a nice day.

loch morlich

After breaky we went to the bus stop. Mum and dad looked tense. No bus very long walk. It was OK, the bus came and soon we were in Aviemore. Mum wanted to look at some shops, she saw a scarf she liked in a shop called Chalmers. I wonder if Dad will get it for her Christmas.

house of tweed scarfs

In Aviemore I met lots of my cousins. I have never met so many of my cousins since Pitlochry. I met Daisy, Archie, Hamish, Jock and Freddy!

poppy the westie with archie in Aviemore

For lunch we went down to a place Dad and his pals use to camp when he was a pup. We had ham and cheese and a nice drink of water out of the river. I explored as mum and dad ate their pieces.

poppy the westie on the banks of the spay

Lunch over back to the town. On the way back we had to cut through a field with horsesees in it. Don’t worry mum they wont come near when I’m here. When we got to the town I heard a strange noise. I have heard this noise before……a dragon! I followed its hissing dragging mum and dad behind me then I found it, Look mum, DRAGON.

poppy the westie spots a dragon

Dragon was friendly enough he shuffled up and down the tracks and came to rest at the front of a line of carriages. Where you going Mum? She had gone into a carriage. I looked at dad, well if she is going on so am I. I soon found Mum, Dad put down his coat so I could have my own seat, thanks Dad!

poppy the westie leaving Aviemore Station

We pulled out of Aviemore and trundled along the tracks to Boat of Garden where the Dragon had to stop for a big drink of water.

Boat of Garten Station

Soon it was off again, the ticket peoplesee came along and punched my ticket. It was the first time I needed a ticket on a train since Italy. The slow rocking of the train soon started to make me drowsy, time for a wee nap.

poppy the westie has a snooze on the steam train

At Glenbogle the dragon had to move from the front of the train to the back, we all got out for a wee bit of exploring.

poppy the westie at Glenbogle

I followed the dragon to see what it was up to, dad said it was gong to drag the train back to Aviemore. Whatever dad, the smells here are amazing. Can we just stay here and follow the smells?

poppy the westie investigates the strathspay railway

Back on board, dragon started to pull the train through the glen.


It was soon following the River Spay back to Aviemore.

the river spay at boat of garten

Dad went and got some drinks for the journey back, beer for dad and fizzy wine for mum. For me I just chilled and enjoyed the ride.

poppy the westie chills on the steam train

Back in Aviemore Mum and Dad were having big problems getting a taxi back to camp. There were no more busses and taxies were scares because of a big wedding. Eventually a nice woman let us in and whisked us back to camp. I’m glad we never had to walk back!

Back at Betsy the sun was streaming through the trees. Let’s go to the beach before din dins.

view of Loch Morlich from the campsite

Dad have you remembered ball? Let’s play.

beach at Loch Morlich at sunset

Mum and Dad staired across the loch but I was alert. I could hear something in the forest. I have smelled this thing before, it might be nasty red deersees.

poppy the westie eclipses the sun at loch morlich

I think we will be OK, its getting cold mum lets go back to betsy before Mr Sun goes to bed.

another sunset over Loch Morlich
sunset over loch Morlich

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