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Back to the Kingdom

Back to the Kingdom

It was Friday, Mum was not working and Dad was stopping early. It was an amazing day Mr Sun was out and there was not a cloud in the sky. After Granpa took me for my walk at lunchtime we all bailed into Betsy and were off. It was hot in Betsy, Mum opened the windows because I was panting so much. Betsy trundled along the motorways and over bridges until she pulled into camp at Cellardyke. Different spot this time Betsy, last time we were next door. Camp set up we headed down to the coast. Dad? What happened to the seaside? Where has it gone. “It’s still there Poppy. It’s just hidden by the harl coming in from the sea” said Dad. Mmmm what on earth is harl? 

the harl at cellardyke

We went down the steps to the outside pool. Oh harl is just mist!

poppy the westie at the lido cellardyke

Let’s go play ball. We played along the Toon’s Green making our way in the direction of town. It was still hot so I had to cut play time short. Well let’s go into town then.

poppy the westie goes into cellardyke

At the harbour lots of peoplesees were out drinking and chatting in the sunshine. The washing lines had cloths fluttering in the wind, good drying day Mum.

poppy the westie at cellardyke harbour

We pottered around the harbour in the sunshine, I could not believe how hot it was, it was just like Germany. My chin was itchy. Good job I found the perfect place for scratchies.

poppy the westie has an itchy chin

Mum wanted to make a dinner reservation at The Haven for tomorrow, Poppys are allowed in the garden of The Haven and since the weather was so nice. Back to the harbour then.

poppy the westie in sun at cellardyke

Reservations made we explored the nooks and crannies of the town on our way back to Betsy.


poppy the westie explores the coast at cellardyke

Dad couldn’t be bothered cooking tonight good job we spotted The Skinfie on the way back. Pizza for dinner then.

We sat outside for a bit before going in to watch movies on the firestick. It was soon dark and time for night patrol. The harl had invaded the camp everything looked very strange.

cellardyke camp at night

Strange and dark or not it did not affect my nose, sniff. Sniff sniff sniff. Mmmmmmm Rabitsees. I’m off! I could here Dad in the distance “Poppy No! Poppy get back here! Poppy!” I chased the rabitsees out the camp and came back to Dad, he did not look chuffed. Ho Hum got to chase the bad rabitsees away. Well I was snoozy when I got back to Betsy so found a nice spot protecting the door just in case the rabitsees come back.

poppy the westie after nighttime rabbit chase

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