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Busy day on Lismore

Busy day on Lismore

Mr Sun was shining as I said good morning to the Americans we met on the ferry. Funny how they are staying here too Dad. Then I noticed something I have never seen before, Grrrrrrrrrrrrr Grrrrrrrrrrr Grrrrrrrrrough Rough rough rough. “Poppy it’s OK It’s only a tractor” said Mum. Mmmm Tractor? Don’t likes the look of that with its googly eyes.


Tractors, smelly hairy beasts, I better stay alert and guard camp.

poppy the westie and betsy on Lismore

After breaky Betsy trundled up to the north of the island where she found a good spot to rest. We piled out, where to? A quick game of ball on the beach? Its pebbly but it will do.

view to port appin from lismore

Mum said we were going for a walk, suits me, so we followed a path along the coast away from the ferry, nice views from up here.

The path got smaller and the drop to the sea was getting higher Mum was being very careful.

mum on trail in lismore

Its OK mum I will keep an eye on you and show you the way.

poppy the westie looking for mum on north trail

Some bits were even trick for me and I have got 4 paw drive!

pathfinder poppy on lismore

The path opened up again and I could even get a game of ball.

poppy the westie on the flats north lismore

Soon we were coming down again to a village called Port Ramsey. Not much of a port but the villagers were friendly.

view to port ramsay

It was time to head back to the ferry port on the way back I found this insulting sign. I mean really? As if Poppys hang about with stupid smelly sheeps!

bad sign

The ferry came and we jumped on. The ferryman was very nice and gave me treats. As we were crossing I spotted the big house in the sea again. “Yes Poppy it’s the same one, Castle Stalker” said Mum.

castle stalker from ferry

I watched the ferry head back across to Lismore. OK we are here for a bit then

view from port appin

The jetty back on the mainland had lots of good smells, I think I am going to like Port Appin.

poppy the westie on port appin pier

We went for a wander mum and dad liked the views.

port appin ferry

It didn’t take long before I found out the reason we came here, food, We went into a place called The Pierhouse. Mum and Dad loved the food, to be fair the fishees were good.

poppy the westie in the pierhouse port appin

Outside the Peirhouse was an old car, mum said dad had one like this along time ago. I don’t like them. Too easy to tie leash to. OK you have had your fun now get me off of it.

poppy the westie outside the pierhouse

We explored the rest of the village from the top of the hill you could see for miles. You could see over Lismore to Morvern and Mull.

poppy the westie on hill above port appin

The ferry came back in so it was time to go, hurry Mum, hurry Dad, shake a paw.

poppy the westie waiting for ferry at port appin

Back on Lismore we stopped at St Moluag’s Cathedral. Not much of a Cathedral but then it’s a small island.

poppy the westie at St Moluag's Cathedral Lismore

The graveyard was great for a game of ball.

poppy the westie in St Moluag's Cathedral graveyard

Back at camp we were going to explore local. The firs obstacle was the hairy beasts protecting the path.

cows on lismore

We sneaked past them and discovered what was over the hill. Look dad the sea!

view down to salen

As we went down the hill we passed some deserted cottages. I think we can say for sure these are deserted Ahe Dad?

diserted house at salen lismore

At the pier the grass was really jaggy, dad had to carry me, I was glad when we saw Betsy.

betsy at bunkhouse lismore

We had an early night because we were travelling again so this morning we said our good bye to Lismore.

bye bye lismore

Back home dad patched up Betsy

poor betsy

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