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Poppy Bags Lismore

Poppy Bags Lismore

All packed up we left the hotel and went back to Betsy. One of Betsy’s batteries was flat because Mum had left the heater on, oops. When we got to the bridge I got out and crossed it on paw.

poppy the westie crossing from eriska

Bye Eriska, you were good.

poppy the westie crosses from eriska

Betsy took us to Oban, mum needed supplies and Betsy needed a new windscreen wiper, dad had “fixed” the old one with tape but it didn’t look too sturdy to my eyes.  One thing for sure they were taking me with them. I better make sure they know I’m coming.

Betsy rolled onto the ferry we all got out and went upstairs. Some American girls were eating, I don’t know what it is but I know I want some. “Poppy stop being a mootch” said dad. We looked out at the bay as a fishing boat was coming in. Don’t care still want some of what they have.

fishing boat off oban

I looked at the sky, Mr Sun was being chased away with som dark clouds. I don’t think we will be out here much longer.

weather closing in oban

The ferry landed on Lismore and Betsy set off, we were looking for a bunkhouse. Dad decided to ask at the post office, we had passed it. Betsy had to turn around. Well Betsy is big and the road is small. She was struggling to turn round, backwards forwards backwards forwards backwords CRASH! She had hit a sneaky pile of slates that were hiding from her mirrors. Dad’s mood went foul.

bad slates

We set off again, this time we got closer but still missed the turn, a lady told us to turn at the purple sign. When we got there dad was nun to impressed. Poor Betsy she will have to go up that track. She made it to the top and got a well earned rest.

poppy the westie at the bunkhouse with betsy

We had to share with some smelly neighbours, Poppy don’t like these hairy beasts, I remember when they chased us on Vatersay. I’ll be keeping an eye on you guys.

smelly neigbours on lismore

Mr Sun came out just before bedtime making the hills that were still covered in snow light up the sky. Different here from the castle, Lismore is a very different island than Eriska.

snow on the mainland

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