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Back to Lochranza

Back to Lochranza

It’s been a weird year. Its been freezing cold since November and Mr Wind has been bullying the sky so much she has cried for months. We are now in adventure season Betsy has woken from her big winter sleeps and already taken us for our first trip. This weekend she headed out of Glasgow got a ferry and took us back to the island. When we got their the rain came. We stayed in out of the weather. Today it was much the same, Betsy is the place to stay on a day like today.

poppy the westie avoids a rainy day in Arran

Mum and Dad had other ideas. Mum, Dad why we go out? Equafleece on harness on we left camp and headed to the golf course. It was not pleasant. Even the dearsees decided to find shelter.

poppy the westie going to lochranza in the rain

Mum and Dad tried to egg me on with a game of ball, even ball is no fun in the rain.

poppy the westie on a wet lochranza golf course

The rain soon eased, but I was not convinced it was going to stay off. Mum, Dad come on, I have had pees and poos can we not just get back to Betsy?

poppy the westie digs her heals in on lochramza golf course

In short No. We followed the road towards the castle, every car that went passed hissed as the tyres cut through the wet road, I barked and barked to get them to stop. Dad had to keep me on a short leash in case I nipped one of their tyres. We left the road to get away from them and came across a deserted cottage. Look Stairs! “Careful Poppy you don’t know what’s at the top,” said Dad. Pah! Stairs are stairs.

poppy the westie on deserted cottage lochranza

We cut across the bay away from the road to the castle. I got off leash so thought I would storm the castle. Dad the gates locked, is there another way in?

poppy the westie outside lochranza castle

I looked and looked the only way in was the gate. Oh well, might as well follow my nose and explore the rest of the spit that the castle stood on. Sniff. Sniff sniff sniff. Mmmmm Sealmonsters have been here.

poppy the westie at a dull lochranza

Patrol over no sealmonsters to chase it was time to plod back to Betsy. We went a new way back following the river. This was where I chased deersees 5 years ago. When we got to the golf course I picked up a sent, deersee, I can smell deersees. Crafty Dearsee was on the other side of the river, lucky for you deersee. When we goy back to camp it was still sodden. But I was up for a quick game of ball, Dad? Ball?

poppy the westie gets back to a sodden camp

The afternoon was lazy, even Mr Sun came out for a bit. Warm Betsy makes Poppys sleepy, think I’ll have a quick snooze.

poppy the westie all dry in lochranza

Mr Sun was still out as din dins time got closer. Mum and Dad had a few cups of daft juice but decided to stay in Betsy. Don’t blame them its still chilly outside. Then it happened as it always happens here. They gave me a kong with a dentistick in it and as I got tore in they were gone. They sneaked off to The Stags Pavilion. Poppys are not allowed there, mum and dad usually boycott places that ban Poppys, but not this place.

the stags lochranza

When they got back they were sad because it was shutting down and they wouldn’t be able to eat there anymore. Gruff good riddance’s, that will stop them sneaking out and leaving me behind.

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