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Paddle Boat to Limone

Paddle Boat to Limone

An early rise today, mmm where to I wonder, we left camp and started walking into town. Mmmm I don’t fancy this walk its too long, nope I’m not going. I’ll just stay here and play with Sherman. Mum, Dad, I’m not going.

Poppy the Westie dosent want to go to Limone

Mum and Dad vanished from sight. What if something happens to them? What if a big dog or a monster attacks them? I better catch them up, they need me to keep them safe. When we got to Malcesine time was tight and we had to find the pier. Boat ride today. Let go of the leash and I’ll find the pier.

Poppy the westie looks for the pier in Malcesine

Is it this one Mum? “No Poppy that’s the old pier”, OK then I’ll find the new one then. It wasn’t hard and soon we were there with plenty of time to spare.

poppy the westie waits for ferry at Malcesine

We had so much time I could have a good sniff about the harbour.

poppy the westie explores the pier at Malcesine

The first boat came in and as we started to que Mum noticed it wasn’t ours. Time for a bit of sunbathing then.

poppy the westie waits for ferry at Malcesine

A while later the paddle steamer Italia that lived in Peschiera came into dock. We’re going on that? I didn’t think it worked. It never moved when we were in Peschiera.

Paddle steamer Italia on lake Garda

The Italia left the pier and paddled round the castle, you get a good view of the town from here, eh Dad?

Malcesine from the Italia

Poppys likes The Italia. At the pointy end it’s nice and cool, the sides let lots of wind in and are just the perfect height for Poppys.

Poppy the westie looking at Limone on the Italia

Before long The Italia had made her way across the Lake and was coming into Limone. It had a funny way of parking, it did a drive by before turning back to the pier.

Limone from the Italia

We got off, stood beside the water and I had a big a drink of water. It was still morning, and it was hot. As The Italia said bye bye with its whistle. We headed out to explore.

The Italia leaving Limone Lake Garda

It was quite busy this Limone. One thing it did have was plenty of shade. As we left the pier we went through a tunnel where mum saw some shops she wanted to look in. Me and Dad waited outside, I didn’t mind because there was a cool breeze coming through the tunnel. When mum came out the shop the tunnel opened into a small harbour. Look dad Duckees! In a flash I had chased them into the water, sneaky duckees know Poppys can’t swim. I can wait here all day for you to come back out.

Poppy the westie at Porta Vecchio in Limone

Leaving the main drag behind exploring the quiet side streets beckoned. Because the streets were so narrow Mr Sun couldn’t kiss the pavements so they were nice and cool on my paws.

Poppy the westie explores Limone

Every so often a tile on the pavement would point where to go to find a castle. Let’s follow the signs and find the castle. Look dad, it’s this way through the tunnel.

Poppy the westie in Limone

On we went when I saw a scooter that was just like Dad’s. Well sort of. It was white and Dad’s is blue and this one was in a lot better nick than Dad’s. Dad, this one probably runs!

poppy the westie and a px in limone

When we got to the castle a sign said NO POPPYS ALLOWED. Well that’s rubbish that, I mean that’s just plane dogsist, back down the hill we go then. I was a clever poppy staying in the shade all the way down.

Poppy the Westie finds shade in Limone

At the lake front Mum thought there was a car ferry we could catch to save us a bit of a walk. Dad went to find out while we had a drink in the shade of the Bella Vista. When he came back, no dice. It only sailed at the weekends.

the bella vista Limone

We had a little time before the ferry was due so mum went back to the shop she was in earlier.  This time I was allowed in. No wonder mum liked this shop, it was so cool, Dad said it was something called Air Con. I don’t know what Air Con is but Poppys are a big fan. Leaving the shop with a few parcels Mum seemed happy. Hurry mum, look it’s The Italia.

At Malcesini mum and dad wanted some drinks. Mum wanted to try a sprits Hugo. This place looks OK, it was La Ristorante la Pace al Porto Vecchio. Well the waiter was the rudest person we have met in a long time, Dad will give him a nip? How about I trip him up with my leash? “No Poppy, we will just leave him no tip” said Dad. OK lets get out of here, grrrrrrrr. Back at camp I pleaded with dad to let me off leash so I could have a proper play with Sherman. Dad how no off leash?  Sherman, come over here and help me talk Dad into springing from leash.

Poppy the westie and Sherman at campinig tonnini

Dinner was a fishy local affair, suits me I was tiered and couldn’t be bothered walking anyways Poppys likes fishees.

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