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Lazy day at Pitton

Lazy day at Pitton

We had a lazy morning and had no plans for a big day. Leaving Betsy behind we crossed the fields to the costal path. The path took us down to Pitton, as we arrived at the farm there were lots of chickens running about the place. Dad, how come its me that gets the leash and not the chickens? Back on the path we met some peoplesees who were looking into a field. What they looking at dad? Dad said “New Life Poppy, A lamb is being born”. Great, another sheep to keep me on leash.

new life

Never mind all that, we have a beach to find. We took a different fork than two days ago this time heading down. The going got tougher as we neared the sea. Hurry mum Hurry dad I can smell the sea.

poppy the westie on cliff at pitton

One problem. The jumps were just too big for me to get down. Even dad struggled with his big legs. He picked me up and carried me down to the shore. Being a portable Poppy has it advantages. Look dad rocks to climb on

poppy the westie on rocks at pitton

Over the rocks I found a small beach, would be better if the sea was out. The one thing that was good was the smells and the caves, lots of caves to explore.

poppy the westie on beach at pitton

Well that’s here all explored should we get back to camp? It’s a lazy day remember?

poppy the westie ready to go back to pitton

Again Dad lifted me out of the bay and we retraced our steps back to the sheep field. Mum said the baby sheeps were doing all right.

pitton farm

Back to the farm I picked up the path to camp. First time we have come up the path but don’t worry mum I can smell the track all the way back to Betsy. Poppy is on the case.

poppy the westie goes back to pitton cross campsite

Back at camp we took it easy. We are leaving tomorrow so I’ll just have one last nose around. While dad goes to the pot wash.

poppy the westie and Betsy at Pitton Cross Campsite

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