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Poppy goes to Salen

Poppy goes to Salen

After lunch dad stopped working and we we all went out to Betsy. Mmmm Adventures. Betsy woke up and we were soon leaving the city. She crossed the clyde using the big bridge and soon sped past Loch Lomond. She struggled over the pass at the rest and be thankful but on the other side she trundled along. Soon Inveraray passed by the window then it was the turn of Lochawe. A little later she came down the big hill and into Oban. She came to rest at the ferry port. Mmmmm must be going to an island. After Betsy rolled through the mouth of the ferry we got out and went up top.

Poppy the westie on ferry to Mull

Poppys likes ferrys. I have been on this one before.

Soon the ferry growled into life and everything started to shake. Bye Oban.

leaving Oban

Dad was looking out over the islands. We will have to go there one day. What’s it called? “the Isle of Kerrera” said dad.

view south of Oban

As the ferry cleared Oban harbour. A beach came into site. I know that beach! Dad look the beach we played ball on last year. Can we go there when we get back? The ferry passed by Lismore. Mmmm, we never went to Lismore we must be going to Mull.

poppys beach Greenacre Bay

We went inside because Mum was cold. Poppys prefer outside. As the ferry was coming into Mull I went out for a closer peek. Poppys likes Mull. I have been here four times. I wonder where we are staying. Probably Salen because we have Betsy with us.

poppy the westie on the MV Isle of Mull

Soon we were back on solid ground. Betsy took us up the main road. She pulled of when we reached Salen. Looks like we will be staying here for the night. It took no time to setup camp and soon we were settled in for the night.

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