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Island hopping to Gigha

Island hopping to Gigha

Betsy rolled out our street and headed for the big road that led to the coast. She wasn’t in a hurry plenty of time. I had a fair idea where we were going. Because we left after lunch and were going to the cost we are going to the islands. But which one? Bute or Arran? Well as soon as she rolled into Ardrossan I knew it was Arran. It was a totally different ferry, I had never been on this one before. Pentland Ferries, where is Pentland Dad?

At Arran Betsy was one of the first off, she turned right so we are off to Lochranza. Dad made camp quickly when we arrived, midges, midges everywhere. “Don’t go out there unless you have to” he said. Must be bad.

Next day Betsy was off early and parked up at Lochranza’s jetty. We wanted to make sure we got the first ferry. This gave us time to explore.

poppy the westie on a slipway at lochranza

Mum wanted to see the new pub, First time there has been a pub here in 4 years. Me I wanted to explore the rocks

poppy the westie on the rocks at lochranza ferry port

It was a good shout going early because when the ferry came in lots of peoplesees couldn’t get on it and got left behind. The ferry ride was nice and smooth, they sky never cried and Mr Sun even peeked out of the clouds once or twice.

poppy the westie on ferry leaving Lochranza

Off the ferry Betsy turned right. Mmmm that can only mean one thing. Fishees at the Seafood Shack! When we got there Betsy had lots of space to rest up. Dad spoke to the peoplesees at the shack and after we went for a walk to sharpen our appetites.

poppy the westie going to skipness church

We walked to the old church and down to the secret bay, not much of a secret there were peoplesees there already. Might as well get fed then. On the way back we took a shortcut through a field of sheep.

poppy the westie protects us from sheep at skipness

Diner was great I got smoked salmons and gravlax YUM! The view from the table wasn’t bad either.

view from our table at skipness

When we finished there was a que for tables, the ferry must have come back across with all the peoplesees that were left behind. Betsy pulled away and went back down the road to the ferry, She didn’t stop. When she got to the junction she turned right. Mmm odd Carradale is to the left. The last time we went this way we were going to Islay and Jura, I wonder if we are going there. Nope Betsy had other ideas, Kennacraig was not on her radar. Instead she pulled up at Tayinloan. Mmmm Betsys aren’t allowed on Gigha what is she thinking. The Ferryman came over and told dad there was no space on the boat we would have to wait for the next one. Betsy must be going across then.


Time to kill me and Dad went out to explore. First we went down to the beach. There were peoplesees in the water splashing about. Too noisy. We came back up through the play park.


poppy the westie in play park tayinloan

Then I got a brand new smell. I tugged on my leash dragging dad after the amazing new smell. “Poppy don’t go in there” said Dad. Sniff sniff sniff sniff I yanked him again into a yard. Sniff sniff sniff sniff. Suddenly this beast came out of nowhere, What the fa is that! Don’t know, don’t care, im outa here!


poppy the westie escapes from donkees

Back in the safety of Betsy the que for the ferry had got big. Good job we are at the front. Betsy was the second to get on. It was the smallest ferry Betsy had been on before. She was nearly as tall as the boat.

betsy on gigha ferry

We sat outside as the weather was nice and warm. It was a peaceful crossing until ROAR ……..ROAR! What was that?! “Its OK Poppy, it’s just the RAF” said Dad. Don’t know who RAF are but they are a noisy shower.


Ferry pulled in and Betsy rolled off. She only went to the end of the pier when she pulled into a camp site. Mmm this wasn’t here the last time, handy for the ferry though. Dad set up camp and we got ready to explore.

Betsy at camp in Gigha

Just across from the camp was van selling lobsters. The peoplesee inside caught them every morning and sold them from the van every afternoon. Poppys likes Lobsters. Can we get some? Next to the van was a Poppy sized caravan. How come I don’t have one of these dad?

poppy the westies new caravan

Well beaches to Poppys mean one thing, BALL! I jumped in front of Mum, “Ok Poppy” she said as she chipped the ball along the grass down to the sandy beach, I was off!

poppy the westie playing ball on beach at Ardminish

After a good game of ball we left the beach to explore further.

Ardminish Beach

Along the wee road that comes from the pier to the village, I heard a noise. Sniff sniff, I know that smell horsees. At least this one was behind fences!

poppy the westie and hors at ardminish

At the village we plodded down past the hotel. Hotel was shut but beside it a new place had popped up. The wee isle dairy café. That new Dad. We going to the other beach?  “Yes Poppy”. Follow me I know the way.

poppy the westie on the wee beach ardminish

There were some peoplesees on the beach so I went to explore the headland. Dad. Look. You can see the ferry from here.

poppy the westie looks across the sound of gigha

It was time for din dins, we plodded back along the shore to Betsy, Time to settle in for the night.

view from betsy on gigha

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