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Poppy goes to Gullane

Poppy goes to Gullane

Today we are going on a big walk along the coast to Gullane. We left camp and headed to the beach. Lots of people were camping on the beach, all I could smell was sausages! No sausage for Poppys, I’ll have to make do with a game of ball.

poppy the westie on yellowcraig beach near beach

At the end of the beach a path took us to some huge houses overlooking the sea. Must be drug dealers or crooks to afford these ahy Dad?

posh houses at archerfield

The path went through some trees back down to steps that lead down to the shore. There were even some rocks for me to climb on.

poppy the westie on rocks at archerfield

Another beach another game of ball

beach across from Eyebroughy

A little further along dad noticed a pipe with some writing on it, well Poppys can’t read so I asked dad what it said. “Have a blessed day” he said. Mmmm OK then.

strange on a pipe

Around another corner another beach. Dad are you sure there is a town along here. Its beach after beach after beach.

another beach going to Gullane

After a while finally we came to Gullane. I was getting tired. “Its OK Poppy we will have a rest here and get you some water”, said Mum. Good my paws are hurting.


poppy the westie outside Gullane

Well better than water I got some ice cream cone! Ice cream is yummy!


poppy the westie gets an ice cream at Gullane

Fed and wattered we went into the town. It was a nice we town but we had to take cover because the sky started to cry. Mum decided we would get a bus back. Good idea Mum. Poppys don’t like walking in the rain.

We got off the bus at Dirlton. It was nice wee village but still miles away from camp. We are coming here for dinner tonight, it’s a bit of a way out from camp, no mum?

poppy the westie going back to camp

Back at camp it was unanimous. Staying in for dinner.

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