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After breaky we jumped into Mini. Where we going today Mum? Mmmm Mini left Fishertown and pulled into a big supermarket car park. Poppys do not likes Supermarket car parks. I started to whine and complain. “Shoosh Poppy!” said mum. Not a chance I know what is going to happen. I whined and shouted “Don’t leave me behind! I want to come too!” Dad raised his voice, “Stop it Poppy you have to guard the car”. They tricked me and got out before I could. Pure Hates Supermarkets. After several hours, (doggy time 10 min = 1 hour 10 min peoplesees time), they were back in mini and we were offski.

The peoplesee inside mums phone told us that we were here. But where? I looked at Mum then at Dad. I don’t know if you have noticed but we are in the middle of nowhere. “Your right Poppy, lets go further” said Mum. A little later we came to a small toun, mini parked up and we all got out. Mum discovered she had lost a glove, that’s what you get for abandoning me in car park mum. Lets go along the front, look dad the river goes into the sea!

poppy the westie in Findhorn

We walked to the end of the town and followed a path into the sand dunes. That’s when I got my first sight of the beach. Beach Dad! Lets go!

Findhorn Beach

Unreal! There was a river stopping us from getting to the beach, so close but yet so far. I looked down the shore and spotted beach huts. Mmmm, beach huts means peoplesees can get to beach. Mum, Dad, hurry.

poppy the westie finds beachhuts at Findhorn

We got to the huts but no way to the beach, I have had enough of this I’m going back to mini.

poppy the westie wants to go back to mini

“Poppy come! Poppy come!” I heard Mum shouting, “We have found a way to the beach”. Oh, I suppose I better go, they will only get into trouble if I’m not there to protect them.

I ran and ran crossed the river on to the beach. Mum and dad were very small on the horizon, so I ran some more to catch up with them. By the time I caught up I had slowed to a walk. Panting like mad, at least I can guard them now.

poppy the westie playing on Findhorn Beach

Once I got my breath back, I looked at the sand. Mmmm Perfect for ball. Looking at mum I jumped in front of her and barked “BALL”. “I haven’t got it,” said Mum. I jumped in front of Dad and looked up at him. “Ok Poppy, let’s play ball”.

poppy the westie has a rest on Findhorn beach

We played ball all the way to the end of the beach where the river flowed into the sea. Hold on, what’s that noise, It sounds like the sealmonsters of Arran. Can’t be. I looked around, I couldn’t see them anywhere. That’s definitely sealmonsters, if it sounds like a sealmonster and smells like a sealmonster it’s a sealmonster, but where are they?

poppy the westie hears seal monsters at Findhorn

Couldn’t find them so we plodded along the river back to mini. Soon Mini was off again this time she pulled off main drag and into a car park. I went tonto. No way you are leaving me in no car park! “Poppy Quite! You’re coming too”, said Dad. Better be, door opened, I scrambled out before dad could even get his seat belt off. Dad look, a castle! I grabbed my ball and was off.

poppy the westie at Brodie Castle

Brodie Castle was great. Lots of places to play ball. The grass was short and soft under my paws. Mr sun had don a good job getting rid of the ices. The bangs from the guns didn’t put me off my game.

Poppy the westie playing at Brodie Castle

All good things come to an end. We had to leave because we were going out for dinner tonight. Dinner was a place called the classroom. The peoplesees there made a big fuss of me, even gave me treats.

Poppy the Westie in the Classroom Nairn

After dinner we plodded down Nairn High Street back down to Fishertown.

poppy the westie going back to fishertown

Back at the Cosy Cottage I was tired. Mum, Dad Time for bed bows no?

poppy the westie goes to bed

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