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We left the campsite so early Mr Frost was still about. The lady in the talk box took us onto the big road south. After a wee nap on mums lap Betsy left the big road onto smaller and smaller ones. Dad was none to happy about this. He began to get grumpy with the lady in the talk box and lost it when she told him to go down a road so wee that Betsy could hardly fit. The roads got wider and soon Betsy got to rest at a place called Hay-On-Wye. Nice here dad.

poppy the westie at hay on wye campsite

Mum and Dad wanted to go down to the town, I so couldn’t be bothered. I dug my paws in, I’m not going! How come I have to go? After getting shouted at is said OK then if we must. To get to the town we had do go down a big hill. This town was very old I thought.

poppy the westie in Hay On Wye

As we were walking up the street I stopped, new smells! I ran into a lane breaking free from Dad. “Poppy come back!” he shouted but I was offski.

poppy the westie in book lane

He caught me but not before I wad a good sniff round. As we wandered around and even the cars were old.

poppy the westie with citroen in Hay On Wye

Dad these motorbikes are even older than your vespa!

poppy the wetie finds old bikes

In the centre of the town was a square with market stalls set up. Dad talked to a peoplesee from Scotland who has been down here since before I was born, dad couldn’t buy the mead he was selling because it was made from honey. The next street had a big sign on it, now I know why there are so many books here. Its where they all live.

poppy the westie in book town

Mum wanted to go into a shop, as I followed her in a scary noise went off. Dad get me out of here now, I pulled an pulled dad to get away from it. I was shaking and shaking, where’s mum, we have got to get away from here. Dad picked me up and cuddled me, I don’t want cuddles I want to get out of here. When mum came out I dragged them out of the town and down to the river where I got a nice drink of river.

poppy the westie by the wye

The drink gave me the energy to climb the big hill back to camp. When we got back to Betsy dad sat outside. I kept him company and as I nosed around I found out the grass here was great to role about in and scratch my back and chinsees!

poppy the westie on the grass at hay camp site

Me and dad spent the rest of the afternoon chilling in the sunshine, it was much warmer than this morning!

poppy the westie chilling out at hay on wye

Mr sun went to bed and we were going out for din dins at a place called Tomatitos Tapas Bar. When we got to the bar it was very busy. The nice peoplesee behind the bar liked our name so much she got us a great table buy the fire.

poppy the westie in Tomatitos Tapas bar

Din dins was great, I got squidees! My favourite.

poppy the westie outside tomatitos

Back at Betsy I jumped up on the front seat of Betsy. Better stand guard for a bit. You don’t know what might be out there. We are in the land of dragons.  

poppy the westie on guard at Hay On Wye

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