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Gospel Pass to Crickhowell

Gospel pass to Crickhowell

Jack Frost had visited during the night and the grass around Betsy was crunchy. Dad had to ware gloves when unplugging Betsy and rolling up the big orange cable. All packed up Betsy rolled through the town on to a tiny wee road. Up and up she went, higher and higher onto Wales’s highest road. At the top peoplesees were strapping themselves onto kites and taking off the ground. Dafties do they think they are birdies? I had to stay on leash because of the sheeps. Grrrrrrrr

Poppy the westie on the high road

What goes up must come down. Betsy had to be very careful going down the other side. Lots of tight twisty turnys on the wee road when she got to the bottom she stopped for a rest.

Betsy at botton of the gospel pass

The road was still very tight for her, sometimes the bushes at the side scratched at her as she squeezed past. Suddenly Dad saw a signpost. Poppy’s fresh farm eggs. “We got to buy them” he said. Betsy came to a halt and we went out to buy some. Mmmmm, eggys, yum!

poppy the westie farm fresh eggs

The next stop was an old building called Llanthony Priory. We got out for a game of ball. It didn’t last long. A peoplesees came out and shouted “Get out! No Poppys Allowed!” Well I’ll not stay where I’m not wanted.

poppy the westie chucked out of Llanthony Priory

Betsy was off again this time to Abergavenny. We found a place for Betsy to rest. Dad got out to put money into a machine when a peoplesee told him you don’t need to pay today, result for dad. We go explore now? The first stop was a castle. A sign said “No Poppys allowed” but Poppys can’t read so I just went straight in. It was a good place to play ball.

poppy the westie in Abergavenny Castle

Abergavenny is not just a castle so we went to explore the town. It was nice enough but the other dogs here were noisy and not very nice….I think we should get out of Dodge.

poppy the westie in Abergavenny

On to Crickhowell campsite. Well nothing is ever simple. Betsy followed the lady in the talk box’s instructions and it took her to a field miles away from anywhere. Betsy had to go backwards to get out and she went back into town. When she got over the bridge she had to pull over to let cars pass. That’s when dad noticed that we were at the campsite entrance. That was lucky eh dad. Betsy rested and we went into town. Look mum another castle, can we go play ball?

poppy the westie by crickhowell castle

After a good game of ball I found a path that went up a hill. Lets go up and see the town from there.

poppy the westie at Crickhowell Castle hill

We went into the village It was full of peoplesees sitting at tables drinking in the sunshine. Suddenly that noise again. Mum, Dad get me out of here, I tugged and tugged and tugged, “Ok Poppy, lets go”. I started to calm down the further we got from that noise and as luck would have it I found a stone park! Lets go in. The grass was nice and soft perfect for ball. Ball, Ball, Ball.

poppy the westie in crickhowell graveyard

This stone park is great, lots of stones to climb on, Poppys love to jump from one to the next to the next.

poppy the westie jumping graves at crickhowell

After a rest at Betsy we went out to find somewhere to eat on the other side of the bridge. The Peoplesee in the campsite must have been pulling our paws because there were no places that would let me in for food. Dinner at Betsy then? Back over the bridge again. At least I got a drink of water.

poppy the westie at the bridge crickhowell

It was long day. So many smells and lots of games of ball have made me totally shattered. Mum budge up a bit.

poppy the westie resting at crickhowell

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