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Adventures can be stressful

Adventures can be stressful

Dad had been taking bags out to Betsy all morning, long time since you did this dad. We are going on adventures aren’t we dad. Mum came home from work early no sooner than she was home Grampa took me out for walks. When we got back mum and dad’s mood was not good. Betsy was sick. She could not move backwards. Grampa tried to help but she was just too sick. Dad went on tinternet and came up with a plan. Grampa left to go see Greig the car doctor. After a wee while dad came in and he was a lot happier. “She moves” he said, “Lets go”. Betsy limped her way to get a big drink of diesel then soon she was off heading south to Englandshire.

We were in Betsy for ages and ages. She came off the main road and stopped at an ALDI so mum and dad could stock up on silly juice then she was off again. It was getting late when she trundled through Lancaster. I recognized some of the streets. The last time we were here was by boat. Finally she got a rest at a campsite. I was happy because I really needed a walk.

poppy the westie at camp in Lancaster

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