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Washing Day in Campese

Washing Day in Campese

Today was going to be an easy day. We plodded into Campese. As soon as I hit the beach It was time for a game of ball. Dad, Mum, BALL!

poppy the westie hits the beach at campese

After a few runs I figured it was just too hot to play ball. I went down to the seaside to dip my paws and cool off.

poppy the westie at torre del campese

As we left the beach we passed the place where we had dinner last night. Funny how places always look different in the morning.

poppy the westie and small frame in Campese Giglio

Campese isn’t a big village and before long we had walked the length of it.

poppy the westie at campese beach

On the way back Dad booked a place to eat for dinner tonight. We had to take a detour because lots of peoplesees had decided to play basketball and we couldn’t get through. I wanted to stay and watch because I have never seen basketball before. Mum wanted to get back to Betsy because she was doing the washing today. Ho Hum, I better dip my paws in the sea before the plod back to camp.

poppy the westie cools down in Campese Giglio

Back at camp Mum got a big bag of washing together and took it to the machine. She said it would be ready by the time we had lunch. True enough after lunch she came back with it. Both Mr Wind and Mr Sun were out to play today, Mum said it would be a good drying day. After the washing was hung out to dry Mum went sown to the sea for a swim. Dad can we go too? Come on Dad lets go paddle, the washing will dry itself. Down at the sea side I couldn’t see Mum. Grrrrrrr whats that? A sea monster.

poppy the westie and sea monster Giglio

The sea monster came closer and called my name, hold on, sea monsters don’t know my name. As I got closer, I recognised it, it was Mum, disguised as a sea monster. What you doing dressing up as a sea monster to go swimming? Daft Mum.

poppy the westie discovers its mum

Paws nice and cool I climbed the rocks to get back to Betsy.

poppy the westie on rocks at the camp

When I got there, chaos. The whirly gig had fallen down and clothes were everywhere. It wasn’t me dad.

poppy the westie say it wasent me

No damage done the washing was dry anyway. The rest of the afternoon eased slowly into evening. Dinner in town tonight so I had a big drink and we strolled down the hill into town. We are eating at Zio Meino The place we booked this morning. I think we got a great table, right at the front so I could watch the world go by.

poppy the westie in Zio Meino Campese

We took our time over din dins, no reason to hurry. Mr Sun was getting tired, it must be hard work shining all day, he started to get ready for bed.

sun goes down over the Tyrrhenian Sea

Peoplesees here really like sunsets. Every day they come to the beach to watch him go to bed bows.

poppy the westie on campese beach at sunset

It was getting late time to go back to Betsy for my bed bows.

poppy the westie goes back to camp from the beach

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