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Poppy bags Giglio

Poppy bags Giglio

Betsy was still covered in the morning due when she woke and trundled out of camp and down the wee windy road that led away from Barga. The sun had just got up and it was nice and cool. She passed through lots of small villages and came to a halt when she reached the plain for a big drink of diesel. She was off again. Not long after she stopped at some traffic lights, there was a huge wall in front of us, Almost like a castle. Mum said to Dad, “That’s Lucca! We are in Lucca.” Mmm looks nice we staying here? “Mabey another time Tink. Me and your Mum where here before you were born. It would be nice to come back,” said Dad. Betsy left Lucca and joined the Autostrassa. Soon I saw a funny building in the distance. Dad is that block of flats safe? It looks like its going to topple over. Dad laughed and said “That’s not a block of flats Tink, that the leaning tower of Pisa.”

Betsy continued like a heat seeking missile, it got hotter and hotter. She came off the autostrassa and onto a road with a million campsite. The Campsites were on both sides of the road and went on for miles. She slowed down when we got to a place called San Stefano. We were looking for a place to stop. Dad was getting harassed because he had scooters on both sides of Betsys and they were on he tail like a swarm of wasps.

the main road San Stefano

Betsy left the sea front. That’s when things got really interesting. San Stefano just wasn’t built for Betsys. The only place she found to rest was right at the top of town. She came back down and eventually squeezed into a car park at the co-op. We got out and went to suss out where to get the ferry. It wasn’t to complicated it was a matter of timing. We simply had to go down when the first ferry left. Only one wee problem. Betsy could squeeze into the co-op car park, getting out was a different matter. Back, forwards, back, forwards a wee bit, back a smidge, forwards a wee bit more, back again…..Once out it was down to the que for the ferry. My it was hot. Betsy tried her best to shield us from the burny Mr Sun.

poppy the westie waits for the ferry at San Stefano

Mum bought some food from a caravan on the main drag. Funny looking food. It was all covered in orange bead crumbs, just like the type chip shops use in a special fish, but this was not fish. One was a rice thingy, one was cheese, one was chicken but one was squidees! Yum! No sooner we finished the ferry came in.

ferry for Giglio

This was an odd ferry. The boat peoplesees told Mum we would have to walk on and Dad and Betsy would have to drive on. Never had to do that before ahy Mum? We found a good spot, hiding from Mr Sun and soon were reunited with Dad just as the ferry left San Stefano.

San Stefano from the ferry

It was nice and cool on the ferry. It was quite big and I had plenty of space to lounge in the cool sea breaze.

poppy the westie has a nap on ferry to Giglio

After a snooze I got up to explore. Can we go up on the top deck? Up we went I found the bestis spot. Plenty of breeze and we could still hide from Mr Sun. This is a good spot Mum, No? “Perfect Poppy” she said and gave me a clap.

poppy the westie on ferry to Giglio

A little while later we got our first sight of Giglio. I think the ferry is going to park over there Dad.

first sight of Giglio

Mmm time to get back to Betsy. Dad I don’t think it’s a good idea to split up. Why don’t we all go to Betsy.”Good idea, lets go”, said Dad. When the Ferry opened her mouth we were greeted with pandemonium. Cars every where load of peoplesees crossing in front of us it was total chaos. Betsy edged her way through the crowd out of the port and onto the wee island road. The road winded its way up a steep hill then winded its way down the other side. Betsy found the campsite but she had to take two goes to get in it was so tight. She confused the camp peoplesees, they had never seen a British Betsy before. All her doors were on the opposite side from the Italians. Finally after a bit of jiggery pokery she came to rest and we set up camp.

Mr Sun was getting ready for bed bows, so we went to explore camp before going into town. Our campmates really loved Mr Sun. Even as he was going to bed they were on the rocks worshiping him

sunset from camp Campese Giglio

It was a long day and I was starving. Will we go into town for dinner? “Good Idea Poppy,” said Mum. So we plodded down the road into Campese.

poppy the westie going into Campese

The first place we came to was good enough for us. The Ristorante Pizzeria Da Tony. They gave us a great table right next to the beach. The food was good too. I could tell dad was enjoying his pizza and beer. Mr Sun had said night night before we had finished so we ate up and headed back to camp in the twilight.

view from Ristorante Pizzeria Da Tony

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