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Porta Giglio

Porta Giglio

After breaky we climbed the hill to the bus stop. The girl that was camped in front of Betsy in a tent was going there too. Dad? What happened to her boyfriend? “I don’t know Poppy, but she doesn’t look too happy”, he said. Bus came and the driver told me I would need to wear nasty muzzles, bad driver.

poppy the westie and nasty muzzle on bus to porta giglio

As soon as we sat down dad took muzzles off me, good dad. The bus never went straight to the port but instead climbed a big hill to a place called Castello. We getting out here? “No Poppy”, said Mum “We are going to the port to work out how to que for the ferry.” Soon the bus turned round and rolled down the hill all the way to the port. Lets Explore. First up the pier! You get a good view of Porta Giglio from here.

porta Giglio

We walked all the way to the end of the pier, the sea was very clear and I could see lots of fishees.

poppy the westie at Porta Giglio

It was getting hot we went back to a water fountain and dad soaked my cool coat in water. Poppys don’t really likes cool coats but do like being cool. Mum checked out some shops and bought an ornament for the bathroom. When she was in one of the shops I spotted a cat. Good job for the cat that Dad had me on a tight leash.

poppy the westie squares up to a local in Porta Giglio

Wondering along Mum and Dad looked at the Menu of a place called Doria. Must have been good because dad went in and made a reservation. For two days time. While dad was talking to the Italian peoplesees I decided to cool my paws in the water.

poppy the westie cools down at Porta Giglio

I made my way along the seaside until I came to a wall. Mmmm wall, I jumped up on it. Dad take my picture with the boats for my socials. “You don’t have socials,” said dad.

poppy the westie by the bar in Porta Giglio

We explored the side streets then made our way back along the front and out through the other end.

poppy the westie explores Porta Giglio

Look Mum I have found a secret cove.

poppy the westie at the wee cove in porta giglio

Its fun exploring small towns, you never know what smells are around the next corner. The other good thing is that the wee streets are nice and cool. Out of one street we were back in the sunshine. Look mum that’s where we found the secret cove.

the wee cove at porta giglio

It was getting close to lunchtime time to get back to Betsy. Back at camp it looked funny without the tent in front of us. Perfect view of the sea.

the view from betsy in giglio

Dad was making dinner tonight and after we were going to the rocks for drinkees. Mum said I didn’t need my harness, good, Poppys prefers no harness or leash. So down to the rocks it is then.

poppy the westie wonderin where her drink is

Mum and dad were having a posh bottle of wine so decided that the bench was the place to be. While they were getting themselves together I went to explore. Its funny even at this time of the day peoplesees were in the water.

poppy the westie explores the rocks at camp

Some were even trying to get the last ounce of tan from Mr Sun. All of a sudden POP! Mmmm mum and dads posh wine then. They do like their sparkles at sunset.

champagne at sunset

As they sipped their wine I plodded about for a bit before finding a good spot to rest. I like it at this time of the day.

poppy the westie has a nap at sunset

Mr Sun went to bed I was getting tired too. I nudged Mum with my nose. “Ok Poppysocks, let’s get back to Betsy”.

dusk at Campeggio Baia del Sole

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