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Poppy goes to Torbole

Poppy goes to Torbole

Today the storms from yesterday had passed. We were going to explore a new town called Torbole. To get there we had to catch a ferry from the port, there were only a few so we had to make tracks. Beach path to town dad?

poppy the westie walks the beach path to Limone

At the port there were millions of peoplesees. So many you couldn’t see more than a foot due to all the lags. Are they all getting on our ferry Dad? “No Poppy, they are probably going across the lake to Malcesine.” Said Dad. The boat peoplesees split the square into two groups. Dad was right not many peoplesees got on our ferry.

poppy the westie on ferry to Torbole Garda

The ferry ride was great, lots of smells, things to see and a nice breeze to keep me cool. I didn’t even have to were my cool coat! Soon we could see the town of Torbole.

Torbole Garda

The ferry slowly pulled up to the pier and docked. Gang planks down I shot across them and back onto solid ground. We got our stuff together and it was soon time to say goodbye to the nice ferry. Bye ferry.

poppy the westie at the jetty in Torbole

Ferry gone we plodded into the port. It was much smaller than Limone and had hardly any peoplesees walking about. Still it was nice in an Italian kinda way. Look Dad, what a funny little house can we go explore?

port of Torbole Lago di Garda

The old port was tiny and soon we had seen all that was there to be seen. After I dipped my toes in the water we passed all the kite surf schools, everybody in Torbole kite surfs, we headed into the main town. The town was very quiet and as it got warmer I found a nice piazza to cool my tum.

poppy the westie has a break in Torbole

Mum and Dad had a coke and I got a nice bowl of water. Where next? Mum wanted to go up the hill to get views of the lake so up we went. At the top of the hill I found a stone park. Dad look, stone park, can we go in? It was too hot for a game of ball so I found a good place to lie down while mum and dad explored.

poppy the westie on cool marble Torbole

Mum and dad looked sad because of all the markers from 2020 and 2021. Dad thinks it was something to do with covidsees. Poppys were never a fan of covidsees. Mum and Dad decided to go back to Betsy. “Come on Poppysocks, time to got back to the ferry” said dad. Mmmm I was nice and comfortable here.

poppy the westie finds the coolest spot in Torbole Garda

Ferry came in and it was our old friend The Italia. We sat up front and caught the breeze.

poppy the westie back on the Italia Garda

The Italia paddled her way across the lake keeping us cool as she went. It was the first time we have sailed into Limone from this direction. Last year it was from Malcesine.

Limone from the deck of the Italia

Back at camp we had a spot of lunch then went to explore the beach next to Betsy. Dad this is a great beach how come we never came here before?

poppy the westie just outside the campsite Lake Garda

We were going into town for din dins tonight. The place was in the small piazza we found on the first day. When we got there it was closed. Better find somewhere else, I’m starving.

poppy the westie going to dinner Limone

Luckily I found a small place down a little allyway. This will do nicely, No?

poppy the westie at dinner Limone

We had lots of yummy din dins, I got plenty of squidees. Sqidees is Poppys favourits. Mum even had some pudding, Poppys and Dads are not allowed puddings so I got a dentistick dad got a nice beer. Soon it was time to get back to Betsy because we are moving on tomorrow. Poppys always know when we are moving on.

poppy the westie all full after diner in Limone

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