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Big Bangs of Garda

Big Bangs of Garda

Its not always sunny in Italy. Last year we got very wet at the bottom of the lake in Peschiera. Today the sky was gray and bawling its eyes out. Rain was pouring down the Betsy’s windows.

safty of the van in Limone

The sky then started to grumble. I was getting scared and edgy. Then it happened BANG! I started to shake, Mum I’m frightened make it go away.

poppy the westy terrified of thunder Limone

I wasn’t the only one who was frightened, Dad was worried about fridge.

camp goes under water in Limone

Still it rained and rained. Water was pouring off the awning like a waterfall. BANG! Mum make it stop.

its not always sunny in Limone

Eventually the big bangs stopped and the sky stopped crying. Out side camp was just an island in a big Puddle.

soggy camp Limone

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