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Moving day, so we were up early to pack up and go. I went for a quick walk and when I got back Betsy was ready to go.

Betsy ready to leave Limone

As we left the campsite the peoplesees called us back because Dad did not Pay them. That was embarrassing Dad. He went back and paid them and finally we hit the road. First we had to get supplies so Betsy took us to Eurospin. Now we were ready to go. Betsy followed a wee scooter up the side of the mountain heading for the hills. As we left the lake Betsy came to a halt. We had to wait because two trucks got stuck at a corner.

Leaving Lake Garda for Barga

It was a long hot ride down the autostradas heading south. It was too hot for me, my tummy was turning then it happened, blagh!, I was sick all over my cushion. Betsy found a place to pull over. Dad gave the cushion a clean and Mum put my cool vest on me. Soon I was feeling better and we were off again. It was late afternoon when Betsy found a place to rest in a nice green field. Where are we Dad? “Good question Poppy, we seem to be in the middle of nowhere,” said dad.

Poppy the westie at camp in Barga

Mum said my cushion was minging so dad took it away to clean it properly. When he came back Betsy was all settled in, he used Betsy’s boot box to dry the cushion in the sun.

Betsy at camp in Barga

Mum decided we should go wine tasting since we were in a vineyard, Poppys have never been wine tasting before. I wasent allowed any wine because I’m too young but I did get some nice cheeses.

Poppy the westie at the wine tasting Barga

We got directions to town and headed back to Betsy to get ready for dinner.

Poppy the westie at La Cantina del vino Barga

End up we were not in the middle of nowhere but very close to the town. I’m glad it wasn’t the one on the hill overlooking us.


We climbed up the hill to find Barga at the top of it. Barga is funny for some reason they fly the Scotland flag everywhere. To get to the old town you cross a bridge high up over a park. Something caught my eye, dad? What’s that thing? “I think it’s an aqueduct Poppy” he said. Mmmm Aquaducts. What’s an Aquaducts?

The Aquaduct in Barga

Barga is all uphill. We had to climb a mountain to get to the din dins place.

poppy the westie going to diner in Barga

When we got there the peoplesees next to us use to work where Mum and Dad work, whats the chances of that? Also parked next to us was the exact same scooter as dad has, even the same colour!

poppy the westie finds dads scooter in barga

Because it was nice and quiet, I was allowed to explore the square as mum and dad ate drank and chatted to the peoplesees next to them. I think I’ll like Barga.

poppy the westie in the Piazza Angelio Barga

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