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Overnight In Aichelberg

Back in Europa, Overnight In Aichelberg

The big adventure has begun. Betsy has had a hard day today. She has been running as fast as she could all day. She got a bit of a rest in Kaldenkirchen where she took a big drink of diesel. No soon as she finished she was off again. It was hot and I had to ware my cool coat all day, Dad had the windows open and felt his arms burning. We passed a big town called Stuttgart when Betsy decided to call it a day. She came off the autobahn into the countryside and found another place for another big drink. When she finished she found a nice place for her to rest her paws called Camping Aichelberg. Mum and Dad setup camp and got out for a sniff around.

poppy the westie and betsy in AICHELBERG

Time for dinner, I was starving. Since we are in Germany that means Curryworst! Yum! The only problem was the restaurant was full and we had to wait for a table.

Poppy the westie waiting for currywurst in AICHELBERG

Mum and Dad had a drink while we waited, I sat on Mum. Mmmm It was ages. Dad when we get din dins?

looks like we were waitng for some time

Din dins was good, Poppys loves currywursts! When we were full dad gave Betsy a surprise, a new sticker. It’s been a while since she got a sticker.

betsys new sticker

We stayed outside at camp, an early night tonight, Betsy has another long day tomorrow.

poppy the westie in AICHELBERG

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