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Camping at Cashell

Camping at Cashell

Summer has defiantly started. Dad has stopped wearing loads of clothes and even had a pair of shorts on. With summer comes lots of adventures in Betsy. This weekend was no different mum came home and we were off. It was hot in Betsy but once she got going the cool breeze from her open windows cooled me down just nicely. Nothing better than putting your nose out of the window on a summers day, pawsome. After a short while she rolled into a campsite called Cashell. She found her spot and went for a wee rest.

betsy at cashell

I went to explore the beach, it’s been years since I was last here, I was just a pup. We didn’t camp though, it was just a visit.

poppy the westie at cashell on loch lomond

I’m glad we are staying here the walk to Milarrochy Bay was an expedition through jungles.

poppy the westie explores the beach at cashell

Mr Sun was high in the sky and peoplesees were keeping cool by paddling in the water or bobbing about on their boats. Mum? I really like our canoe but can we get one of those? “Maybe the wee one”, said Mum. Mmmm that would do.

bobbing on loch lomond

Betsy was looking lonely so we plodded back to camp. I found a nice bit of grass to go for a wee snooze in the sun. When I woke up something was wrong. Something was tickling my nose. Aaaagh get it off! I tried with my back paw, but it just wouldn’t budge. Daaaaaaad help.

poppy the westie has a gras moustash

Mr Sun was getting ready for bed and it was time for last patrol. Dad, its different at this side of the loch isn’t it? I mean I like Luss but the sun goes to bed later here and the sky goes red. “Your not wrong Poppy, you don’t get sunsets at Luss, well not like these”.

sunset over loch lomond

Next morning we were up early and leaving camp before it got too hot. Where we going? “ We are going up into the forest” said Mum. Mmmm forest, trees, means cool. Oh Ok then. When we got there Dad was reading a sign, it said Poppys must be on leash because of adders. What’s an adder when it’s at home then? “It’s a type of snake Poppy” said Dad. A Scottish snake? Well if it’s Scottish we have nothing to worry about then, westies are the bosses of these hills.

adder warning

Although it was still early it was getting hot. I climbed the hill darting from shadow to shadow. Finally the trees started to thicken and I found a nice cool spot for a rest and a wee drink of water. Good spot ah Mum?

poppy the westie in cashell forrest

Up and up we went, the trees started to thin and you could see the loch below.

looking south down loch lomond

There were lots of good rocks for climbing, Still not seen any of these adders, they must know that there is a poppy on the hill.

poppy the westie in the hills above loch lomond

Are we going to the top Dad? “No Poppy, it’s too hot maybe another time. We will go to the view point then head back to Betsy for lunch.” Sounds like a plan Dad, lunch, mmm ham and cheesesees.

poppy the westie with luss in the distance

On the way back down I spotted something. That’s just not right. A big yellow monster was on our path. Is that an adder? I didn’t expect them to be that big, or yellow.

poppy the westie spots a monster on the hills

Don’t worry Mum I’ll sort him out. When I got close it smelt of diesel. Mmmmm funny car, what’s it doing all the way up here? Its ok Mum nay danger here.

poppy the westie and yellow hill monster

It was getting hotter and hotter, I was glad when the trees started to hide the sun. Dad gave me a drink to keep me going but for me it was time to get back to Betsy.

poppy the westie running in cashell forrest

When we got back to camp mum and dad wanted to see the rest of it for the next time we come. Me? I knew what Poppys want. Nice soft grass, cool and in the shadow of a big tree. Bliss.

poppy the westie at camp in cashell

After lunch we just kicked about camp. Beach was not busy but not quiet. Families had taken their chairs to the loch side to spend the afternoon. Not a bad idea there was the faintest cool breeze coming off the loch.

saterday afternoon at cashell

As the shadows from the trees grew longer it was time for din dins. Poppys don’t get din dins from tin tins. Poppys gets mackerels from fridge, yum! We sat out after dinner listening to music. A boat zoomed across the loch to the island of Inchlonaig. Dad told us it was where Robert the Bruce planted a whack of yew trees to make bows from. He said we could buy it as its up for sale. Can we dad? “Yeah if you have £900,000, that’s a lot of tasty treats Poppy, a mountain of them” he said. Mmmm I think I would prefer the mountain of treats.

inchlonaig island island of yew trees

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