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Elvis lives in Limone

Elvis lives in Limone

Up early and off. Betsy whizzed through Southern Germany but as soon as she got close to Austria thing started to crawl. The woman inside mums talk box told betsy to come off the autobahn. Dad looked confused. She took Betsy down a lush green alpine valley, dad said she was taking us down a garden path. Soon she changed her mind and we were back on the Autobahn. An hour or so later she told betsy to come off the big road again! This time she told Betsy to go over some mountains! It was slow going but she managed. Back down the mountains she joined the big road to Innsbruck. Innsbruck came and went and Betsy was running towards the Brenner Pass and Italy.

When she got to Italy she was thirsty and needed a big drink of diesel. Mum and Dad went to get supplies from Eurospin, my job was to guard Betsy. Off again we came down into Lake Garda. All was going well until Bang! The roads were so narrow that in a tunnel Betsy had hurt her ear against another camper. “No damage done”, said dad, so we carried on to Camping Park Garda. We had a nice place to rest right next to the lake. Time for poppys to have a proper rest.

poppy the westie at pitch 132 Limone

Poppys were in Garda last year but I was still surprised when the first boat I saw was the paddle boat I was on last year! That’s when I noticed that the campsite at Malcesine where we staid last year. Look Dad it’s our old campsite.

the italia on lake garda

I was getting peckish and decided to have my lunch by the lake.

poppy the westie alfresco lunch lake garda

We went into town fir din dins. I even got some squidees! But what’s that noise?

poppy the westie in a bar in Limone

Mum, Dad, where is the music coming from? Let’s go see. We passed the cafes and bars to the main square where a crowd had formed. Look Dad, that’s Elvissees. I thought he had gone over the rainbow bridge.

Elivis in Limone

We have had a hard few days and Mum and Dad were getting tired. We left the Italian peoplesees with the king of rock and roll and headed back to Betsy for sleeps.

elvis fans of Limone

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