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Poppy explores Koln

Poppy explores Koln

Up early and off. We crossed the big bridge, I didn’t want to go because vets are across that bridge. Nope I’m no crossing that! “It’s OK Poppy we are not going to the vets, you have already been”, said Dad. I looked up at him and cocked my head, like you would tell me if we were? On the other side we got a tram. No Vets, good. The tram went along beside the river until it went underground. When we got out we were in the middle of the city. The first place we explored was the shop that makes eau de cologne. Poppys are not into that type of smells.

poppy the westie outside Eau de Cologne

Further along the road there were lots of peoplesees shouting and making lots of noise. Good job the police where there. Dad said they were just asking for better pay.

poppy the westie at demo in koln

There are a lot of shops in Koln. Much more than in Glasgow. Some of the shops are even Poppy friendly. Mum got a surprise in one clothes shop when I popped up beside her. After the shopping we went sightseeing. First up was the big church. Well what can I say, it is a big church!

poppy the westie at cologne cathederal

Since we were in this part of the town Dad wanted to go find some record shops, it was a bit of a trek but we were on holiday so why not. Dad was in the shops for ages, when he came out he wasn’t too impressed. Back to town then? BY this time it was lunchtime and my tummy was empty. Mum went to get some food and me and dad hung about the square. Look dad it must be lunchtime for the hotel peoplesees, “you don’t see that every day”, said dad. Mmmm True.

poppy the westie and hotel staff at koln

Lunch was yummy, I got McDonalds with cheese! After dad got my cool coat wet and we went to explore further.

poppy the westie at Roncaliipl koln

Wandering down the small streets we came across a wedding in another small square. Every one looked happy, dad said it wouldn’t last. Mmm at least they got a nice day for it.

poppy the westie at Jan von Werth-Brunnen Koln

It was getting on so we got the tram back to the big bridge. Look dad you can see the big church from here.

view to downtown koln

We went to the same wee restaurant for dinner, dad really loves the curryworst.

poppy the westie at Poller Fischerhaus koln

It is handy I suppose given how much we have walked and poor mum hurt her paw going to the vets.

poppy the westie outside Poller Fischerhaus

Who says the Germans don’t have a sense of humor, but even they are pulling at straws to think this I would fall for this.

poppy the westie finds a fake at camp koln

Last night in Germany. Tomorrow we start the big journey home.

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