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Bad Time in Cologne

Bad Time in Cologne

Betsy was up early and started the day with a big drink of diesel in Sulzburg. All full she hit the autobahn. The further she went the more Mr Sun came out to play. We passed Ulm then Aichelberg where our adventure started weeks ago.  A while later Stuttgart and Frankfurt passed by Betsy’s windows. She was heading to Cologne but the signposts said Koln. Dad was worried. We were welcome in Koln but Betsy wasn’t. The Koln peoplesees don’t likes Betsy because she is too old. If the police catch her Mum and Dad will have to give them money and she wont have a place to rest. She sneaked into the city and made it to the campsite unnoticed. Dad was happy. Mum however was tense. No soon as camp was set up we were off. Where we going? Mum and Dad said nothing. Mmmm that’s not good. First we crossed a huge bridge where you could see the city centre in the distance.

view up the rhine koln

The bridge went on for miles.  Dad said the river was called the Rhine, I think he was at it because I have seen the Rhine before at Koblenz and it wasn’t this big.  It went on for miles.

poppy the westie on the Cologne Rodenkirchen Bridge cologn

We had to climb down a million steps to get off the bridge. Mum was following the directions of the woman in the talk box. It lead us through a park, then up and down streets with houses on the, It then took us through a park with huge blocks of flats in it.

poppy the westie at Bismarcksäule Koln

Where are we going? We stopped at a building that had a lot of gyms in it. Mum and Dad looked confused. “It should be here” said Mum. Dad saw a sign so we went in and out of the back of it. Mum saw one of my cousins go into door, “It must be there”, she said. When I got there I know where I was VETS. I’m not going in there! I dug my heels in and staid outside. A car pulled up and another one of my cousins got out. “Don’t go in there, it’s a vets!” I barked to him. He couldn’t have understood because he went in. Without warning Dad picked me up and took me in. Don’t dad Don’t Its too scary! Let me down, get me out of here. When he put me down, I was trapped. No where to run. They tried to get me to eat something, NO WAY, I kept my mouth shut tight. Dad said “Well done Poppy, good girl”. The vets wrote something down then I was allowed to go.

I couldn’t get away from the place fast enough and didn’t stop pulling till I was down by the river. Poor mum was limping, she had a blister on her heel. We better keep going we still have the bridge to cross to get to Betsy.

poppy the westie comming back from vets

I started to calm down when we got back to Betsy. Camp was all set up and it wasn’t too hot outside. Mum and dad put some music on and chilled out watching the boats going up and down the river.

poppy the westie at camp in koln

Dinner was at a wee place just outside the campsite. The Curry worst here was the best so far. Dad really seemed to like it. We weren’t there for long, it was a long and stressful day. We walked back along the river watching the boats.

cruse boat on the rhine at koln

Mum and Dad staid out for a few more drinks watching the sun setting over the city. Time for bed.

sunset over koln

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