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Exploring Limone

Exploring Limone

It was nice and sunny when I woke up so went out side to lie in the sun. After brecky we headed to town. We plodded along the lakeside, it was nice and warm and very quiet.

poppy the westie has a break going to Limone

We were here last year on a day trip, Mum wanted to see more so instead of walking along the beach to town we followed the river up the hill. It was quite steep but in the shade it was cool. Best of all I even got to chase lizardsees. At the top of the path we left the glen and headed for the top of the town. I went to cross some grass, a sign said keep off the grass, poppys don’t speak no Italians

poppy the westie at Limone sign

Plodding back to the front I came across scary noisy metal steps. I’m not going on that dad. “It’s OK Poppy I’ll carry you” said dad. Mmmm OK then. At the bottom we cut by a hotel that brought us out at the restaurant where we had din dins last night.

Albergo Bella Vista Limone

By the port it was very busy because a ferry had just came in, lets get lost in the side streets Mum, too many peoplsees, too many legees to avoid. In one of the lanes I spotted it. Look dad a scoots, just like yours!

poppy the westie vinds a vespa in Limone

Another reason mum wanted to explore the back streets was to find a place for dinner. These places look OK Mum, Poppys friendly!

poppy the westie on the streets of Limone

We climbed and climbed until we got to the wee church that looked down on the town. Mum and Dad enjoyed the views, me? Well, I stayed in the shadow of the tower.

view from the church in Limone

Pictures taken we plodded back down to the town. On the way I found a little piazza that was nice and cool, Mum that place looks good for dinner.

poppy the westie cools down in a piazza in Limone

The top of the town was still not properly explored so up we went again. This part of town is quiet. From the washing lines I figured it was where the Limone peoplesees live.

poppy the westie at the top of Limone

Poppys loves steps. Limone is great It has hundreds of them. Look at these ones Mum! You coming? No?

poppy the westie and the steep steps of Limone

The steps took us back down to the port. Then I spotted them. Ha Duckees! In a flash I was after them. Duckees in Limone obviously don’t meet many Poppys. Grrrrrrough! They quickly went splashing into the water. Sneaky Duckees, they must know Poppys don’t swim.

poppy the westie at the old port in Limone

We plodded through the busy streets, so many legees to avoid. It was too busy, luckily I found another street that took us to part of town we have never been to before and even better there is a Poppy beach this way.

poppy the westie and the roofs of Limone

The beach could not be found so we headed back to camp. Back at Betsy it was hot. So hot even Dad jumped into the lake. Me? Well my job is to make sure they are safe when they are in the water.

poppy the westie on jetty at camp Limone

After a bite of lunch, cheese and ham, YUM, I spent the afternoon sunbathing, then snoozing under Betsy.

poppy the westie sunbathing in Limone

It was into town for din dins. Limone looks different at night. A lot of the peoplsees who are there in the day get the ferry home at night.

Limone street at night

In one shop I saw another scoot. I hopped on it. “Poppy, off that thing! It’s a Lambretta not a Vespa,” said Dad.

poppy the westie on a lambretta in limone

After din dins we went down to the lakeside. The lights from the cafes and bars light up the lake like fireworks without the bangs.

Limone at night

I was getting tired time to go back to camp. On the way there I found a nice bed for sleeps, “Poppy, Flower Beds are not the same as beds, you cant sleep on them”, said Dad. How no Dad?

poppy the westie in the flower beds Limone

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