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Exploring Lake Ledro

Exploring Lake Ledro

Next morning Dad went to speak to the campsite peoplesees. When he came back Betsy was on the move. She never went far but it was away from the wicked witch of the east. Camp was quickly setup again then we were off. Walking through the camp we were soon on the beach. What we upto today? “Going for a plod round the lake Poppy,” said Mum. Mmmm OK then.

Lago di Ledro from bridge

Leaving the beach I was let off leash, good, poppys likes off leash and here there are a lot of smells to follow.

poppy the westie above the marina Lago di Ledro

The path was nice and cool in the shade of the trees. Even then it was getting hotter. Mum went into the co-op at Pur for some water good shout Mum. Dad mum Look! Beach! I croosed the road and headed for the water. MMMMMMmmm Cool paws.

Poppy the westie cools down at Pur di Ledro

The walk to Besta bottom of the lake hard going, my cool coat dried up and I needed lots of drinks. Worse than that the beach at Besta was a no Poppy Zone. Mum found a tap and got my coat cool again. Walking along I saw one of my cousins in the water. Dad LOOK! Poppys are allowed in there.

Poppy the westie and cousin from Ledro

After I dipped my paws I said my goodbyes, so Dad where next? Up this side of the lake? The path took us along the lakeside. We were walking towards a castle.

poppy the westie on east shore of Lago di Ledro

As luck would have it the path took us away from the lake and right up to its front gates. They were locked and had padlocks and chains keeping them shut. Mmmm not going in there then.

the castle at Lago di Ledro

The path was nice though, in places it reminded me of the Alpine meadows I played in last year.

Alpine lodge in medow at Lago di Ledro

On we plodded and found an old village, dad said it was called Mezzolago. He then told me it means half lake. Mmmm. We only halfway round lake? In the village I found a stone park. Stone parks are usually good for a game of ball but it was just too hot.

poppy the westie in stone park mezzolago

The Village was nice and cool, even better it as so quite no need for leash here.

poppy the westie in Mezzolago main street

I plodded about exploring all the new smells. Poppys likes Mezzolago

poppy the westie takes a break in Mezzolago

We followed a path that was off the road it was hot Mr Sun was radiating this afternoon. Dad, I’m hot. Why when there is a perfectly good lake there to cool my paws in? “OK Popstar, lets go”.

Poppysocks cools down in Lago di Ledro

Poppys have learned that when they are hot the best way to cool down is lakes. Lakes are better than seas because there are no waves, and you can drink lakes.

poppy the westy wants to stay in the lake

All cooled down we were off again. Where to next? “We are going to explore our village now Poppy” said Mum. “We might even find a place for dinner tomorrow.” As we came into Pieve we passed a nice house, It didn’t look very Italian to me. Dad this looks like it should be in Austria or Germany.

alpine house in Pieve di Ledro

We wondered around the village dad went into a place to book dinner for tomorrow. While he was doing that me and mum sat in the village square in the shade of the tower.

poppy the westie in the shade at Pieve di Ledro

Can we go back to Betsy I’m shattered. “OK Poppy, I think we have walked enough for one day” said Mum. Good. On the way back I jumped into the lake to cool down, nice.

poppy the westie hits the water before walk back to betsy

I had a lazy afternoon, sometimes sunbathing sometimes chilling in the shade.

poppy the westie on lookout for the wicked witch of Ledro

Dad, Dad, come quick. Look, look over there. It’s the grumpy wicked witch of Pieve di Ledro! “Don’t worry Poppy, we have three vans between us and that old mad bitch” he said. Good she is so not very nice.

the wicked witch of Pieve di Ledro

Dinner tonight is at Gasthof. It’s a big pizza place right on the lake. I wonder if they to squidees! Anyway, hurry up Dad I’m starving.

poppy the westie running for dinner at Pieve di Ledro

Dad raved about the pizza, he said it was one of the best ones he had since Naples. The sqidiees were good to. It was nice sitting out overlooking the lake. Dad even got two free limoncellos.

poppy the westie at Gasthof Pieve Ledro

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