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The road to Ledro

The road to Ledro

Road day today. Dad got Betsy ready and we soon left camp and parked up down by the port. It was much easier than we expected given the total chaos of landing on the island. A nice police peoplesees told Betsy where to rest.

Betsy at porto giglio

We were not asked to get out this time so when Betsy was swallowed by the ferry we were quick to get out and find a good spot in morning sunshine.

Porto Giglio from the Ferry

The Ferry was in a hurry. No sooner than we sat down she was off. Time to get the last peek of the Ialand, This was a good island Poppys had fun here.

leaving Porto Giglio

As the ferry crossed the Tyrrhenian Sea  back to Italy we waved to the ferry going across to Giglio. It’s a nice say for a ferry boat ride.

Maregiglio ferry outward bound

I was sniffing about and met another doggy. He was nice enough but didn’t speak much. It’s probably because he doesn’t understand my accent.

poppy the westie making friends

All the peoplesees on the ferry started to move about as we came into Santo Stefano. It was time to get back to Betsy

santo stefano

We left the port and headed down the spit of land that was covered in camp sites. Soon Betsy was back on the Autostrasa and speeding back into the countryside away from the sea. As she climbed she went into a tunnel, on the way out Dad said to Mum, “look, that’s Siena.” Mum and Dad came here along time ago to see a horse race. Seems a long way to come for a horse race, Hamilton is just half an hour away.


On and on she went when suddenly I knew where I was, Garda. We going back to Garda again? We followed the road as if we were going back to Limone when Betsy started to climb a wee road with really tight bends. Betsy why are you climbing the mountain? She never answered, just continued to climb. It was scary, I was glad when Betsy stopped at the campsite in Pieve di Ledro.

As Betsy pulled into her resting spot the old woman next door started to scowl at us. What’s up with her Dad? Does she not like Poppys? As dad was setting up camp she had a go at dad for using mosquito spray. He even used it on the other side of the van! Dad said she must be a racist, probably hasn’t forgiven us for getting rid of Hitler. Don’t know what a racist is but this old woman is a nasty witch.

We settled in and got ready to go out for dinner. We were going to the campsite next door, Camping Al Lago. Dad loved the dinner, mum liked her’s too.  I got some fish so It was fine by me.

poppy the westie in camping al lago

After dinner it was dark, time for bed bos.

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