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Paddling Around the Lake

Paddling Around the Lake

Dad was active this morning. As I woke up I could here a lot of banging and humphing coming from Dad outside. Mmmm what’s he up to? Big streachees thud. Ah how I know what’s going on, kayaks. I got my life jacket on and helped Mum and Dad take kayaks down to the lake. Mum got in then I jumped in, hurry up dad lets go. Poppys likes kayaks. After a bit of a paddle we looked back to see how far we had come. Look dad camp is miles away.

poppy the westie in kayak off Pieve Lago di Ledro

The good bit about kayaks in Italy is that it is always cool, even with my life jacket on. We paddled down the lake seeing all the houses you couldn’t see from the path we walked yesterday. As we got close to Pur I couldn’t help notice most peoplesees on the lake used paddle boards. Poppys prefer kayaks to paddle boards. Dryer, safer and the three of us can keep together.

poppy the westie in kayak looking at Besta di Ledro

Suddenly the stillness of the lake was disrupted by a dog barking at me from the shore. Grrrrrrr Do you want me to get my dad to paddle over there so I can shut you up? If you make me get off kayak I’ll not be chuffed. He shut up.

poppy the westie looking at dogs on shore at Pur di Ledro

Dad paddled across the lake to Mezzolago. It’s funny how you get places quicker by kayak than walking isn’t it Dad? “Yeah Poppy, that’s because you cant sniff every blade of grass in a kayak!” he said. I turned round and looked at him, cheek.

poppy the westie looking towards mezzolago Ledro

We paddled up the lake and back to camp. Getting out of kayak is always a faf. Dad nearly fell backwards into the water. Back safe on dry land we carried kayak back to Betsy to dry before getting packed away. Time for lunch.

poppy the westie helps pack up kayak

I had a lazy day after lunch. Dad read his book, Mum pottered on her computer and I went for a wee sunbath on the grass behind Betsy. Bliss.

poppy the westie sunbathes at camp Ledro

It got hotter and hotter I decided to go lie in front of the fan. Camp is very quiet at this time because they have a silent time after lunch. Dad says its because Italian peoplsees sleep then. Mmmm Poppys often have snoozes after lunch and I don’t get silent time. How no dad?

poppy the westie cools down in Betsy Ledro

Later me, Mum and Dad went for a walk round camp when I saw a strange sign. Mum what does that mean? “That’s the doggy baths Poppy”

dog bath at Ledro

Baths? Baths? NO! NO! I’m not going in there! This is supposed to be holidays! No No No No No!

inside dog bath at Ledro

I dragged them away from the torture chamber back to Betsy and safety. After Mum and Dad had a few daft juices we plodded into town for diner at Osteria La Torre. We had a nice table outside where I could watch the world go by.

poppy the westie in Osteria La Torre Pieve di Ledro

Another perfect dinner dispatched we strolled through the village back to camp. Pieve was very quiet. The only sound were the muffled voices from the Osteria we had came from. The whole village was mine.

poppy the westie in Pieve di Ledro at night

On the way back we took a small detour by the lake side. Its nice here, Poppys approve.

poppy the westie at lago de ledro at dusk .

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