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Big Bangs in Barga

Big Bangs in Barga

Wakey Wakey Shaky Wakey. Big stretches, thud. Walk Dad? I went to the door and pawed it with my magic paw. “Hold on Poppy, stop scratching the door”, said dad. Dad opened the door and I jumped out of Betsy. Mmmm Mr sun is hiding today, I don’t like the look of that sky. Dad didn’t either, so much so he put my equafleece to go into town. We reached the old town and Dad let me off leash. Where we go today Dad? Lets go to the top of the town.

Via Borgo Barga

On the way we passed a bar that was heaving last night, mum thought it would be a good place for dinner tonight. Mmm yeah this looks like it would be a good spot for din dins.

poppy the westie at La Loggia del Capretz Barga

Up and Up we went, As we climbed the sky started to cry. Poppys don’t like getting wet. Mum it’s soaking can we go back now?

poppy the westie in the rain Barga

No Dice, still we went onwards. We eventually got to the duomo, Mum when in Rome? Look the Italian peoplesees are staying inside. “Poppys aren’t allowed in Duomos”,said mum. Mmmm so what are we doing here then? “We are here for the view”, she said. View? All you can see is gray.

poppy the westie at the duomo Barga

As we walked round the church I went over to talk to an Italian doggy that was sheltering from the rain. All was well until BANG! It was suddenly not funny any more, I started to shake. BANG! This is too much I have got to get out of here but I’m too scared to move. MUM Help.

poppy the westie hides from the thunder Barga

I looked up mum was going round the corner, I gotta get out of this place. BANG! Feck this I’m outa here!

poppy the westie runs from the thunder in Barga

I caught up with Mum and Dad I was still shaking, Dad picked me up and carried me for a bit. Soon we were back in Betsy. The sky stopped shouting and Mum and Dad gave me pets to make the shaking go away.

poppy the westie in therapy Barga

Later the sky got brighter and we were going to La Loggia del Capretz Bistrot for din dins, this was the bar we saw earlier today. First we had to climb the hill to town.

poppy the westie climbs the hill to barga

Barga is all uphill. We had to climb a mountain to get to the din dins place.

poppy the westie going to diner in Barga

Din dins was really good, So good Dad booked it again for tomorrow.

La Loggia del Capretz Bistrot Barga

The sun started to get ready for bed and we decided it was probably time for us to do the same. I was shattered with the stress of the BANG BANGS. I hope they don’t come back. I noticed Mum had got an umbrella, not seen one before, where did she magic that one up from? We said our good nights and headed back to Betsy.

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