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Table Mountain

Table Mountain

Wakey, Wakey, Shakey, Wakey, biiiiiiiiiig Stretchy. What we up to today? “We are going a long walk to Table Mountain” said dad. Sound’s good. We walked to the end of the village and started to climb. Mum was tiered because of her long covidsees so headed back to Betsy for a rest. Me and dad started the climb. Dad? What’s that smell? I know something is here but I can’t see them. Grrrrrrr, dragons?

poppy the westie looking for dragons crickhowell

The fields turned into woods still we climbed. Lots of smells to explore. The path turned into a stream, nice of them to lay on cool water right on the path dad.

poppy the westie on path to table mountain

At the end of the woods the hill got steeper and steeper. Dad was struggling. Up and up we went. Mr wind had come out to play. He kept blowing my earsees flat. Bad Mr Wind. Sniff, Sniff, I know that smell, horsesisees. Don’t worry dad I’ll protect you!

poppy the westie sees a wild horse table mountain

What they doing out? Why are they not behind a fence? Dad get behind me, he is bringing honners. Grrrrrrrrr, Grrrrrrrr, Grough, Grough, rough rough.

poppy the westie squares up to horse table mountain

Ha! Thought they could take on a Poppys? Better get on. Upwards and onwards. We still had miles to go, every time we got to the top there was another one to climb. At least we were hidden from Mr Wind.

poppy the westie on top of table mountain wales

Dad’s legs were sore when we got to the top. I was fine, what I was not fine with was Mr Wind. He was being very naughty, but try he might, Poppys don’t blow over!

poppy the westie playing on table mountain wales

Look Dad, can we go to that mountain? It looks like its go good rocks for climbing. Hey Ho Let’s Go. Hey Ho Let’s Go. Hurry dad I want to go climbing!

poppy the westie climbs second peak brecon beacons

Well dad eventually caught up. It was tricky on the rocks and Mr Wind was up to his tricks. Dad looked worried. Don’t worry Dad, Poppys four paw drive is more than enough for Mr Wind.

poppy the westie at peak 2 brecon beakons

Had Enough Dad? “Poppy let’s get off this ledge and find a nice place for a picnic” said Dad. Good Idea. We found a nice field half way down the mountain, Dad had a sandwich I had gammon YUM!

Time to head back. The village was much quieter than yesterday. We plodded back to Betsy avoiding the nasty bell noise. Poppys really don’t like nasty bell noise. Soon we were back at Betsy. Dad went to rest his legs. He has a cheek! For every one of his strides I do three! And I have more legs than him!

poppy the westie with betsy at crickhowell

Mum had found a place to eat called The Dragon Inn, but when we got there no places for Poppys. “Never mind Poppy” she said, “We will eat at The Bear instead”. The Bear was a great shout. Mum and dad got a good table and I had plenty of space to move around. Dinner was good I got fishees!

poppy the westie in the bear crickhowell

At the table next to us was a nice boxer called Eddie. He would be nicer when he gets older though. Just to young daft and bouncy. I had to remind him of his manners.

eddie the boxer

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