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Going Home

Going Home

We are going back to the big ferry today. After we had packed up Betsy took us to get “Supplies” to take home. It was quiet because it was early in the morning. She still stopped at Kardenkirchen but only for a big drink of Diesel. On and on she trundled leaving Germany and speeding through Holland all the way to Amsterdam and the port at Haarlem. Mum and Dad were worried about the Pet Welfare Certificate and breathed a sigh of relief when the customs officers waved us through to the Que for the ferry.

poppy the wstie got through customs

We were in the que for hours and were one of the last ones to board leaving Betsy sleeping down stairs we went to our cabin. I looked at Mum and Dad, holidays are nearly over but lets say goodbye to Europes. We went up on deck and watched as the ferry left the port.

poppy the westie says bye bye to europe 2022

As ferry began to get up to speed and entered the North Sea I spotted a funny beach. Look Mum its just like Coldingham bay with the beach houses, OK well there are a lot more but you know what I mean.

beach huts at amsterdam

As we were heading back to the cabin dad said, “Aren’t you the lucky one Poppy, some doggies have to stay in these”. I had a sniff, don’t fancy these much, If I had to go in one of these I would be sacking you as a mum and dad.

poppy the westie and DFDS dog accomodation

Down the stairs we went to dog area 1 then down again. Dad opened the heavy door and I plodded along the corridor back to our cabin.

poppy the westie goes to her cabin

Mums and Dads are sneaky on this ferry. One minuet they are there the next they are gone, vanished. The only thing you can do when this happens is snooze. Snooze always brings them back

poppy the westie snoozes to get mum and dad back in DFDS cabin

Sure enough they came back, I was in a huff with them but forgave them when they brought me back smoked salmons, yum. Stroll on deck before bed bows? It was getting dark. Europes was out of sight. When will we get to go back? It was three years the last time. “Hopefully not Poppy” said mum.

poppy the westie looks for Europe

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