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Ball, Boats, Cable Cars and Castles

Ball, Boats, Cable Cars and Castles

We were going on a big adventure today, bad Dad pulled my paw and said I was going for a nasty Bath.

poppy the westie out side the dog shower Koblenz

As we left camp there was a great field for playing ball, I jumped in front of Mum, barked, and looked up at her, Ball? “I don’t have it” she said. So I ran to dad snd jumped in front of him GRRRRRRough? “OK Poppy go get it” he said and kicked it for miles. I was offski.

Poppy the Westie playing ball by the mossel in koblenz

We played till a little ferry boat came to our side of the river. The ferryman let me on for free and even gave me a treat because he had a westie cross. Dad is this the first time we have crossed the Mossel by boat?

poppy the westie on ferry to german corner koblenz

On the other side we went to look at the big statue of the old King. I liked it because I was off leash. The statue was humongous. Do you think he would mind if we have a game of ball here?

poppy the westie playing ball at german corner koblenz

I don’t think he even saw me from up there because he just sat there on his horse. He doesn’t know what he’s missing, he would not look so grumpy if he came down and played.

poppy the westie and the old king koblenz

The river path came to a point, dad said this is where The Mossel joins The Rhine. I have been all over the Mossel but I don’t remember being on the Rhine, first time for everything. I saw a Cable Car, can we? Can we? This hollybags I have been on two already, this would be my first German cable car ride! “OK Poppy, lets go,” said Mum. On we clambered, This was a different type of cable car, you can see through the floor!

poppy the westie looks through the floor of koblenz cable car

Once I had tested it I realised it was quite safe. It was even nice to lie on because the see-through floor was nice and smooth and cool.

poppy the westie on the koblenz cable car

At the top you could see for miles, I could see the river snake through the town and off to the mountains. Dad told me if I got on a boat and follow it, it would take me all the way to the North Sea and Holland.

the rhine at koblenz

I don’t believe every thing Dad says so I took that with a pinch of salt, DAD LOOK! CASTLE! Castles are good I have plyed in quite a few this year, this one was different though, it wasn’t falling to bits. At the gates I turned to Mum and Dad, hurry let’s go in!

poppy the westie storms koblenz castle

I had a lot of fun in the castle, German peoplesees were surprised to see me in the guard house. I would be great at this job, Poppys love guarding.

poppy the westie in the uard house koblenz

In a courtyard I saw a strange white statue with a cross on it. Is it a church dad? “No Poppy it’s a memorial for the dead German soldiers” he said. Is that why you said for feck’s sake don’t mention the war?

der toten des deutschen heeres koblenz

One thing Poppys loves more than guarding is climbing. I saw the perfect wall. I took a good run and jump at it. “NO POPPY, NO” screamed Dad, too late I flew through the air and landed perfectly on it. “Poppy get down, it’s too high and dangerous” said Mum. Spoitsports.

poppy the westie over looks koblenz

It was time to move on, this time the cable car was just an ordinary one. The peoplesee at the top told us only number 17 had the glass floor. We were lucky coming up eh mum?

poppy the westie comming down on cable car to koblenz

It was hot at the bottom. To cool down we walked along the river side hoping for Mr Winds wee cousin Mr Breeze to show up, when he didn’t come, we thought the shade of the city might be a plan.

poppy the westie on the banks of the rhine at koblenz

Plodding though the old city I met one of my German Cousins called Freddy, he told me of some nice places to take mum and dad. Cheers Freddy.

poppy the westie outside the registras koblenz

The old town was nice. We saw a funny fountain, a wedding and lots of posh shops. Just near a church dad found a shop selling watches for only 12 euros. Well since his needed a battery a deal was done.

poppy the westie out side church in koblenz

It was time to plod back to the boat. On the way there mum got some fridge magnets, dad bought Betsy a new sticker.

poppy the westie in old town koblenz

When we got on the boat the nice ferryman let me on for free and showed us pictures of his wee boy. He didn’t look wee to me. A westie staffie cross?

poppy the westie on ferry to campsite

Back at camp Mr Sun was busy scorching the grass. It’s just too hot. I found a better place to stay out of the heat. It took dad ages to find me, when he did he was mortified. “Poppy you cant sleep under other people’s vans”

poppy the westie under a germans caravan

We couldn’t be bothered with the faff of going into town for dinner. It would mean going early for the last ferry and having a big walk back to this side of the river. We made use of the camps restaurant, JOY currywurst!

poppy the westie out for dinner in koblenz

After dinner we sat out looking across to the Old King. He had plenty of company as the German peoplesees sat at his steps enjoying the last rays of Mr Sun.

the court of the old king koblenz

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