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Fun in Filey

Fun in Filey

The sun was shining this morning and we were going on another adventure. Today we are going to Filey. We have never been before but one of Dads friends had been when he was a pup and said it was great so dad was wanting to see for his self. We must be getting a bus because we sat down at the see through shed.

Mum Dad and Poppy the Westie

Bus ride went through lots of small villages before the bus did a tour of the holiday camps. Filey was very small, nothing like Scarborough. After Mum went round the shops in the village we headed for the beach. It was a good beach, bit windy but the sand was firm. What we waiting for? BALL.

poppy the westie at Filey

Having all day to play with we wandered all the way to the end of the bay. It was a lot of fun until Mr Wind came out to play.

Filey Beach

Look dad, at the other end. Whats that? It looks like the cliff has a big finger that goes into the sea. Can we go explore? “OK Poppy” said Dad. On the way back a couple of peoplesees dropped a bottle. As they tried to pick it up Mr wind had other ideas. They chased after it and as it came to a stop they bent down and it was off again. Try as may they could not catch it, They chased and chased but could not stop it from going into the sea. Good job they have waterproof shoes eh dad.

Carr Nazi Filey

The cliff’s finger was called Carr Nazi. You can only walk on it when the sea is low. Lucky us, we walked all the way to the end of it. Think that’s us done Filey then, back to Betsy? The bus took us a different way back. Dad looked worried but it all ended up ok.

As we were going out for dinner tonight I had my posh harness on. We were going to the Tow Bar. It was just outside camp so nice and handy. When we got in we knew everybody. Looks like the whole camp is here tonight.

poppy the westie in the Tow Bar Cayton Bay

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