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Ball in Bridlington

Ball in Bridlington

Another nice day on the bus and off again. We were on the same bus as yesterday but instead of getting off at Filey we staid on it. It made its way through the English countryside until it stopped at a big town called Bridlington. It was not very nice where it came to a halt, run down and smelly, but not nice smelly. I mean I like a good sniff as much as the next dog but this was mean. We made our way down to the port. You can tell a working port, smells of lobtersees and fishees, poppys kinda port. Lets explore the piers and jetties.

poppy the westie at Bridlington Harbour

OK we are here now which beach, north or south? “I think South Beach Poppy” said mum. Oh OK then. To get there we had to go back through the port where peoplesees were mending and moving nets and lobstersee pots. At the end the beach opened out in front of us. Mmmm its big. We wondered down it next to where the white horses come on to land. I noticed that peoplsees were walking in the sea, well can’t be that chilly then, I think I’ll join them.

poppy the westie on bridlington south beach

Enough of this ball?

poppy the westie and ball on bridlington beach

After a good game of ball we had to decide whether to go to the end of the bay or turn back. Dad said we would go as far as the beach huts.

poppy the westie at beach huts bridlington

Well since we are going back to town and we have got this big beach last game of ball?

poppy the westie and ball on bridlington beach

We were getting hungry. Ball does that to you, I think its time for a picnic. We walked back into the port and found a quite place to sit and have our picnic. Dad gave me a carrot and just as I was about to munch it, it slipped out my mouth and rolled down the slip way into the sea. Dad got it back for me. Mmmmmm salt makes carrots taste even better, can we do this to the carrots all the time?

poppy the westie end of walk bridlington

On the bas back to camp we noticed helecopters flying realy low. What they doing dad, “looks like a search and rescue” said mum. Mmmmm that’s not good.

Posh harness on again means out for dinner. I wonder if they will sell fishees or even better sausages! We got a bus into the village and plodded down the main drag, well main drag for the village until we came to a posh place called The Farrier. It was a bit different from the Tow Bar!

poppy the westie in the farrier cayton village

After dinner a walk home in the dark country lanes back to Betsy.

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