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Isle of Eriska

Isle of Eriska

Today when I woke up Betsy’s door was open and bright light was shining in. I jumped out put my nose in the air and took a deep sniff. The air smelled good today.  Mr Sun has come back from his holidays Dad. Look you can see for miles!

poppy the westie at seaview campsite

Today was a moving day and since we are moving we should make the most of the morning. Mum, Dad. Can we go to the beach for a game of ball since its so nice? “OK Poppy, lets go to the beach, it will nice to see the beach in the sunshine” said Mum. When we got there I barked at Mum. “I haven’t got it” she said. I turned to Dad. Grough Rough ROUGH GRRRRROUGH. Ball came out of pocket and as he chipped it I was off.

poppy the westie on Ardmuchnish Bay in the sun

We had a good game of ball but we had to get rolling. Betsy made her way along the wee roads and came to a halt next to  Loch Laich. Betsy found a good place to rest. I looked across and spotted a big house in the water. What’s that Dad? “Castle Stalker” he said. Mmmmm I know castles have moats but this is ridiculous.

castle stalker

Can we go look? “OK Poppy lets go”. We followed a path for a bit until we came to a rickety old bridge. Long bridge hope it will hold. Dad said it was built for Queen Victoria’s jubilee, No Idea who Queen Victoria is, never heard of her. By the look of the bridge she can’t be very important.

poppy the westie on the jubelee bridge

On the other side the path was bigger, Dad said it followed an old railway line. Mmm nice and flat and not too mucky. It came to a halt next to a boathouse where a small track went into the sea. Underwater trains?

poppy the westie on the jetty castle stalker

We plodded about the bay and had a quick game of ball. The only rocks to climb were just too easy.

poppy the westie on rock at castle stalker

Back in Betsy we were off again. This time she pulled of the main road and went deep into the countryside. She passed some more castles and farms until she came to a bridge. “A new island for you to explore Poppy. This one is called Eriska” said Dad. Mmmm Poppys likes islands. Betsy pulled up next to some very posh cars. I looked at a big house, we going in there? In we went. Dad took our bags and my cushion up the big staircase. I looked at mum, Explore?

poppy the westie at the gardens on Eriska

In front of the big house was a massive lawn. Mum, Dad, look at it. Come on its our duty, Ball?

poppy the westie infront of the eriska hotel

After another good game of ball we went to explore the rest of island. We took a path down to the north jetty. Lots of new smells. Mr Sun had come out again but the hills were still white on the mainland across Glaceriska Bay.

view to Lismore

Time for a picnic and a play, ham yum! It was time to explore some more. I jumped off the picnic table, come on Mum, mon Dad, let’s go.

poppy the westie jumps off a bench at erasky

As we followed the coast south I heard a noise coming over the waves. I know that noise sealmonstaers. I can here them but can’t see or smell them, I know they are out there though. Mum and dad couldn’t find a path to take us back to the big house. I spotted a fence. I looked at dad. He told me that a sign post said to keep out. Well Poppys can’t read so I’m cutting through. The houses looked deserted but the cars at the front said otherwise. Quietly we sneaked by to get back to a road.

poppy the westie on the moor at Erasky

As we reached the hotel we played on the swing at the back of the house. Look you can see our room from here. My tum was wanting food and I had worked up a thirst. Can we go back to Betsy for food and drinks? “No Poppy we have that in the room” said Mum. Oh OK then, can we go to room?

poppy the westie at the back of the eriska hotel

Room was nice and big. The bed was great and it had a mirror that turned into a telly. This will do for me Dad.

poppy the westie on bed at the eriska hotel

Hotels are funny things and one of the weirdest thinks that happen in them is disappearing Mums and Dads. I was sitting there waiting for my dentistck and as soon as I got it they were gone. It seemed like an age I staired at the door. Eventually they came back. Thank god I thought the hotel had snaffled you away.

Dad took me out for night time patrol. We wondered around the hotel lit the grounds with its bright rooms. Back in it was quiet.

poppy the westie in the day room at the eriska hotel

I ran up the stairs, bed time?

poppy the westie on the eriska hotel staircase

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