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Ardmuchnish Bay

Ardmuchnish Bay

Another day another breakfast. Mr Sun was still nowhere to be seen. Dad said he is on his holybags, holybags? Mr sun gets some holidays, not seen him in ages. Today we are going to explore the next door camp, its bigger than the Seaview Caravan Park but I think the Seaview is better. Betsy got a really good place to rest here.

poppy the westie and betsy at benderloch

Poppys are not stupids, The sky is not crying but Dad put nasty equafleece on me, I’m going to get wet. Well I’m all dressed up so lets go to the beach for a game of ball.

poppy the westie on the shore of Ardmuchnish Bay

We didn’t go up to the rocks instead we went the other way towards the big campsite. We clambered up some rocks to get to the point at the end of the bay. Mr wind was up to his old tricks blowing ball and my hair every where. Poppys can deal with Mr Wind but it doesn’t mean Poppys likes him.

I followed a path off the beach and trough some trees. It’s not as cold here dad, we can hide from Mr wind. Looking through a hole in the gorse I could see the whole beach and even Betsy up at the camp.

poppy the westie and gorss at benderloch

Lets explore the holiday camp. There were lots of new smells in their forest. I even found a pond with wooden platforms on it. What these for dad? “Its for fishing Poppy” he said. MMMM what you meant to do with these? Hit the fishees with them? Peoplesees are funny.

poppy the westie at the fishing pond at trawlee holiday park

Going back to Betsy we found some good grass for a game of ball. Dad said I sounded like a racehorse when I ran across it. Me racehorse? You are losing it Dad.

poppy the westie playing on the grass at trawlee

We played some more but it was cold. Tonight we are getting fishees and chips, YUM. Dad why are we out in Betsy? “Because it spring Poppy” he said. Dad? Is it normal for the hills to be white in Spring? The hills should only be white in Winters, No? “I’m with you on that one Poppy”

poppy the westie on the dunes at seaview campsite

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