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Poppy bags Great Cumbrae

Poppy bags Great Cumbrae

This weekend we are going on an adventure. Betsy woke up and headed to the seaside. She stopped at a small town called Largs. Mmmm I have never been to Largs before. I wonder why. Mum how come we have never been here before, it’s just down the road? We never got out because as soon as we got there a ferry came in. We going on ferry?

betsy going to cumbrae

Let’s go outside. Poppys loves ferries lots of things to look at. As soon as we were upstairs ferry left Largs.

leaving largs

It’s a small ferry this dad. There wasn’t much to explore, just as well as the boat ride wasn’t very long. Almost as soon as we were out we were heading back to Betsy.

poppy the westie on the Loch Shira ferry

Betsy rolled off ferry and followed another van along the coast. She rolled into a small town called Millport and decided to have a nap at The Garrison Motorhome Site. In a few wags of my tail camp was all set up and we went to explore. We wondered along the front to the pier. Mr sun was out to play for the first time in weeks and it was warm.

poppy the westie in milport

The town was very busy, how come Dad? “Its because it’s a bank holiday weekend Poppy” he said. Mmmm these peoplesees just look like peoplesees, so bankers are just normal peoplesees? Poppys likes Milport, the peoplesees here have big cold water taps and bowls for thirsty poppys to have big drinks.

poppy the westie gets a drink in milport

Then I saw it. Grrrrrr, mum look monster, grrrrrrrrrrrr. “It’s OK Poppy it’s just the crocodile rock. Mmmm, I’m not sure about this better make sure it safe. It’s OK mum all safe here.

poppy the westie at crocodile rock

It was hot, long time since its been this hot. I plodded down to the seaside and dipped my paws. Bliss, poppys don’t like water but when its hot, water is nice.

poppy the westie looks to arran from milport

Back at camp there were lots of small peoplesees living in cloth houses in the field next to us. Dad said there were called the BB. Mmmm BBs are noisy. Better keep an eye on them. It was still warm I found a nice place to lie down. If only BBs would just turn down the volume.

poppy the westie chilling at the garrison milport

In the morning Mr Sun was obviously tiered out after playing all day yesterday. What we doing today? “Fancy a big walk round the island Poppy?” said Dad. Does it mean off leash? Oh, OK then sounds good. As we left the town the BB peoplesees were all playing a game called “It’s a Knockout”. Daft BB peoplesees, I mean who wants to get all wet and soapy when they don’t have to? We walked a little further when I found a big square perfect for ball. Dad called it a helipad. Good to know, helipads are mini ball parks.

poppy the westie at the heli port milport

The sun stayed away, suits me, perfect weather for a walk. After an age we stopped for picnics. I explored for a bit but the smell of the ham was just toooooo gooood.

poppy the westie at the picnic with arran across the water

After picnics we stotted along for a bit further before heading back as it looked like the sky was going to start crying. That night we went out for dinner to a place called Edward’s for some posh nosh. It was really good. Mum, Dad and Poppys give this place a big paws up.

Back at Betsy all was not well. Mum went into her bag to get the keys so we could get in and pulled out Mini’s keys. They won’t work Mum. Mum asked Dad to check his pockets. Dad didn’t have them. Mum was getting angry. “You know you have to check for keys before locking the door” she barked at him. Dad looked at Betsy and decided he could get trough the kitchen window. “Good job you lost weight Dad” I said. Well up he went he looked so funny with his legs hanging out the window.

dad tries to get inside Betsy

Mum started to laugh and laugh. Dad was not happy. “The keys are not here” he said when he was more than halfway through. Just then through tears of laughter mum said, “you are never going to believe this, they have dropped to the bottom of my bag”. Dad was not chuffed. He couldn’t go backwards because the window latches were catching his ribs he had to go through with the plan.

Dad almost inside Betsy

We were going home the next morning and Mr Sun had come out to play again. Betsy rolled on to the MV Isle of Cumbrae and we were leaving the island.

poppy the wetie explores the MV Isle of Cumbrae

Halfway across we passed by the ferry we got to the island, the peoplesees waved as the ferries passed each other.

the MV Loch Shira going to Cumbrae

Nice day today I said to Dad, “Not to shabby Poppysocks” he said, “Not bad at all”.

the firth of clyde

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