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To catch a plain

To catch a plain

Scotland got beaten last night but it meant The Ukraine got through so dad was not too bothered. Today we are going to explore the shore path. The peoplesee at camp said we would have to cross a river, mmmm, Poppys are not sure about crossing rivers. We left the camp and went in search of a path. Mum! Dad! I found it this way!

Poppy the Westie looking for the shore path Salen on Mull

There were lots of new smells it was great. Sometimes the path got boggy and dad lifted me over the muck. The path opened up and I thought I found the river. Pah if that’s the river I’ll just jump it!

Poppy the Westie findes the river at salen

It wasn’t, I found a way round it. Dad took us a stupid way where the ground got softer and softer. Dad better go towards the shore the ground is harder there and you wont have to pick me up as much. Poppys will let Dad pick me up, but I don’t likes it. Back on hard ground we came to the start of the bay.

Poppy the Westie across from Glenforsa Airfield

Ah, now I could see the river. Suddenly there was an engine noise in the sky. Dad look, a plain. It’s going to crash onto the beach! “It’s OK Poppy, look, see the Airfield behind the beach?” he said. Mmmm, Airfield? What’s an Airfield? Planes should land on runways. The plain came down landed. Dad, we should go explore airfield.

Plain landing at Glenforsa Airfield

When we got to the river one look told me it was too deep for Poppys to cross, I gave Mum a look, I’ll find another way to cross it. I followed the river away from the sea and into a gully where I saw it got narrower. Even better it had boulders in it, I clambered down to get a closer look.

Poppy the Westie climbing down to the river

When Mum and Dad caught up, I was on the other side. The look on their faces! Hurry up I have a plain to catch! Once everybody was across we headed to the beach. It was an OK beach but it was good enough for a game of ball.

Poppy the Westie playing ball on Glenforsa beach

Ah, I remember, plain. I had a sniff about and lead mum and dad to a gate, this way. Now I have played ball on the runway at Barra, but it was made of sand. Airfields are grass, short grass. And the one thing short grass is great for is BALL! BALL! BALL!

Poppy the Westie on runway at Glenforsa Airfield

Fun and games over with I got down to the serious business of catching this plain. It wasn’t long before I sniffed them out. Mmmm not much fun to be had here, they are not even moving, this is pure rubbish. When is lunch Mum?

Poppy the Westie checks out the plains at Glenforsa Airfield

“We will have a picnic on the other side of the river” said Mum. We better make tracks, I thought to myself, I’m starving. I better sniff us out a short cut.

Glenforsa Mull

Picnics was good, cheese, ham and even a scruffy bite or two. Dad dropped a bit of his piece and a bit of ham fell between two rocks, waste not want not. It took a bit of time to dig it out but to the victor goes the spoils!

Poppy the Westie after food search at Glenforsa Mull

Just then noises were coming from the airfield, typical! As soon as I’m out of sight the sneaky plain has made a run for it.

plain taking off from Glenforsa Airfield

No plain to catch I might as well hunt what’s here, oystercatchers! I chased them everywhere one was lucky to get away. The gulls were getting edgy, Don’t blame them Poppys haits gulls. Sniff, sniff sniff sniff. Mmmm new smell. Nose to the ground I was on a mission. “Poppy, what you found?” shouted dad. Don’t know never found one of these before.

Gull eggs on Salen Beach Mull

“It’s a gulls nest Poppy, better leave it alone” said dad. Oh, Ok then. Mmmm another new smell, I followed the new smell and to my surprise I found some small furry birds! Dad come quick these make noises! Can I play with them dad? Can I? “No Poppy, leave them alone” said dad, spoilt sport.

Gull chicks on Salen Beach Mull

Mr Sun came out when we got back to camp, dad sat out with some daft juice. What’s for din dins tonight? “We are going out for dinner to night Poppy, we’re going to the Salen Hotel. When it came time to go, I just could not be bothered. Nope I’m not going, I’m going nowhere, I don’t care if you walk away, I’m going nowhere.

Poppy the Westie going for dinner at the Salen Hotel

Mmm there not coming back, I better catch up with them in case monsters get them. Mum and Dad need Poppys for protections. The peoplesees in the hotel were very nice and I got lots of pets. The peoplesee that owned the hotel came from where dad use to live.

Poppy the Westie in the Salen Hotel

Din dins was good, din dins is always good when fishees and chips are involved. It was still light when we got back to camp and saw Betsy in the last of the sunshine.

Betsy in evening sun at Salen

It was nice and warm in Betsy, Mum and Dad took in the view as the sun went to bed and the stars came out to play.

Sunset at Salen Bay day2

It’s nice doing the last walk of the day when it’s still light.

Sunset at Salen Bay Campsite day2

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