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Down to Killdonan

Down to Killdonan

Yesterday we left Lochranza and headed south. First stop was Blackwaterfoot for sausages, black pudding and fresh farm milk. Mum even bought a cookie from the bakery. Betsy sprung into life and trundled down to Sealshore where we were staying next. We had a quick walk to Simply Thai to collect food for dinner.

On the way back we plodded along the beach until I jumped up on some rocks and slid off into a big pile of gunge.  “It’s the Dog Rinse for you Poppy,” said Dad. Dog Rinse? Dog Rinse? What the hell is a dog rinse? One thing for sure I don’t like the sound of it. Back at camp I soon found out what a dog rinse was. Poppys hate dog rinse.

dog wash sealshore

The next day Mr Sun was missing again. The bad weather girl said that the sky was not going to cry this morning but might get upset in the afternoon. Dad was OK with this because he wanted to watch the Rangers v Celtic semi final in the afternoon anyway. We got our stuff together and hit the beach. Great. BALL!

poppy the westie playing ball at killdonan 2023

More houses have been built in Kildonan since last year, as we passed the Simply Thai place Dad turned to Mum and said, “Thai food in Kildonan, who would have thunk it?”

Arran simply thai

When we got to the end of the village I left the beach and jumped up on the path that takes you to where the sealmonsters live. I looked down at Mum and Dad. Hurry up lets go chase the sealmonsters. Dad said, ”Sorry Tink not today we have to get back for kick off so hurry up get back down here.” Humph. OK then.

poppy the westie running on killdonan beach 2023

We took a short cut over some rocks they were slippy even for me. Poor Mum and Dad they were struggling. It might have been a short cut but took much longer for them. Don’t think that was such a good idea Dad!

poppy the westie slippery rocks killdonan 2023

An added bonus though was I got to climb rocks. Poppy loves climbing rocks. Mum says I’m half mountain goat. Cheek Westies are better at climbing then smelly mountain goats.

poppy the westie on rocks killdonan 2023

Well the football did not go well for Dad, Rangers got beaten again. That’s not all that didn’t go as planned. Bad weather girl was just as bad as she usually is. In the afternoon the sky didn’t cry. In fact, Mr Sun came out to play. It was a nice walk to the hotel where we were going to eat tonight. Fishees for me YUM.

poppy the westie in the Kildonan Hotel

After diner we went back along the beach to Betsy. We were going over the sea to get home tomorrow. “Never mind Poppysocks, we will be back again later”, said Mum. Mmmmm Poppys loves the island. No vampire dogs and off leash on nighttime patrol, and even better hunting red deer and sealmonsters, next time.

plada lighthouse

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