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Down to Kildonan

Down to Kildonan

We took our time getting up this morning, dad went to check his minnow trap……nothing. Betsy also took her time trundling down the road. After a wee while she pulled over and we got out to stretch our legs. Mmmm I can smell them from here bloody sealmonsters!

poppy the westie spotts more sealmonsters

They seem to be everywhere this year. They are also getting sneakier, staying out of reach on there rocks.

sealmonsters on rocks

Mmmmm, I’ll never get to them.

poppy the westie gives up on sealmonsters

Back in Betsy she stopped off at Blackwaterfoot. This means only one thing …..sausages YUM. The Arran Butcher makes great sausages. After a wee plod Betsy took us down to Sealshore. We setup camp and settled in. A wee walk was in order so we set off up the beach. I could not believe my luck. Since the start of the year, I have been trying to get a game of ball, totally scunnered. All I have got back from mum and dad is “Sorry Poppy”. Today was totally magic! BALL!

poppy the westies first game of ball since opperation.

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