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Charter a ferry?

Charter a ferry?

We are going to Tarbert across the loch for dinner. Mmmm I can only see one problem. How do we get back? I’m not walking and I’m certainly not swimming! So Mum, if din dins is at 5 and the last ferry is at six then how do we gat back? Are we staying overnight? Mum said she had phoned the ferry peoplesees and they were putting on a special ferry for us at 7. Are you sure they are not pulling your paw? When we got to the jetty the sign post said last ferry at 6, as we got on I shot mum a look.

poppy the westie going for dinner at tarbert

The ferry sailed across the loch it was windy but not too cold and soon it was time to get off. Dad was not convinced with the private ferry either, he asked a ferryman when the last ferry was he said 6. As the ferry went back across the loch it was not just me, I could see that dad was wondering if we would be staying the night over here.

poppy the westie hopes ferry comes back at terbert

We wondered about Tarbert before going back to the Starfish for Din Dins. Dad was not impressed, the menu outside was totally different from the one inside, for dinner he ended up eating starters. I was not impressed because they stopped doing squidees. I was looking forward to squidees. When we got out it was after 6. When we got to the jetty the sign said next ferry tomorrow! I looked across the water, Dad maybe the boat peoplesees will give us a bunk for the night, do you think we can get somebody to give us a lift?

boats at dusk in tarbert

We sat by the jetty looking across the loch, nothing. Mum was looking calm, Dad was staring at the sea. Dad. Is that something moving? We all peered across the loch. Can’t tell. After a few moments I thought I could hear engines in the distance. Mum, Dad is that white thing moving? It is it’s the ferry!

poppy the westie spots ferry at tarbert

We were the only ones at the jetty, the ferry man asked our names when it came in and as soon as we got on it was off.

veiw from ferry going to portavadie

Mum and dad both thought Tarbert was pretty at this time of the day.  I was happy that the wind was gentle, the sun warmed my back, and I didn’t have to swim.

poppy the westie is glad she is not swimming back

Since we were the only ones on the ferry I could walk about wherever I wanted. Dad I thought mum was kidding when she said she could phone for a ferry. “I don’t white believe it either Poppy”

poppy the westie on her private ferry

Back at Betsy we got comfy. Private Ferry! Who would believe it! All the excitement made me snoozy.

poppy the westie snoozing up front at portavadie

Mum and dad stayed out and relaxed for a while, I could still hear them talking as the sun went to bed.

saterday evening at portavadie

The next day it was time to go home. The weather was changing and we wanted to get home before the thunderstorms. The view at the head of Loch Ruel was much bluer than when we came. Look dad there’s the Colintraive Ferry.

Sunday morning at loch ruel

When we got to Dunoon the ferry was waiting and soon Betsy rolled on and we were off. I wonder when we will be back here. I hope we outrun the rain.

fleeing the thunderstorms of argyle

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