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Poppy goes to Riomaggiore and Manarola

It was freezing cold this morning so cold I had to sleep on dads head to keep warm. I met two nice dogs on my morning walk. We were up early because we were going in an adventure. I got petted by French peoplsees I met the night before, they live two down from us. A big bus came dad picked me up and took me inside it. There were no seats so dad carried me. We were not on bus for long when it got to station. I’m glad because I don’t like being carried. At station mum tried to buy tickets. Machine was slow and complicated, Italian peoplsees helped mum. All’s good we go in Station. It was getting hot now.

poppysocks in deiva marina train station
where we going dad?

The train came, it was big and noisy, its squealing hurt my ears. Dad picked me up and we got on, mum said the train was for Pisa, I don’t care where it’s for there were seats!

poppysocks on train with dad
We got a seat dad

The good thing about Italian trains is I don’t have to wear nasty mussel. They are also the right height for me to see out the window.

poppysocks on train
look at all the peoplsees

The train stopped at Riomaggiore where we decided to get off. Mum went to get passes for something. When she came back she had a black mark on her shirt. She had to go away again to get it cleaned. Finaly we were off. First we went through I big long scary tunnel. Then we went through another older one. As it got light we were at the sea.

Poppy the westie on pier at Riomaggiore
Like it here lots of smells

As I got to the bottom of the pier I slipped and fell, luckily my 4 paw drive saved me from going into the sea. Better be more careful. We wandered around the port and went back up into town. It was a nice town.

Back to the station and off again. this time to Manarola. Manarola was really hot. We went down to the port It was also full of peoplsees. We took a short walk to get a better view of the place. That’s when we came across the wall of death. All I wanted to do was see what mum and dad where seeing, so I jumped up on what I thought was a wall. It wasn’t. Lucky for me mum pulled the lead back or I would be a squished Poppy.

poppy the westie on wall of death Manarola
this is a seat not a wall

Dad went to take a photo of the town from the sea side I had to keep an eye on him.

poppy the westie looking for dad in Manarola
What you doing down there dad?

The tinternet told mum we should go to a bar called nessan dorma for the views of the village, so we used the path when we got there I discovered they don’t like Poppys!

No Poppys
bad nesson dorma.

Stuff them then! We wondered round the path and got great views anyway.

Poppy the westie looking at Manarola
This is just as good a view dad.

We went back into town and headed up the main street, past the tourists all the way up to a church with a big square. We sat in the shade listening to the three old italians chewing the fat, I lay on the cool marble. Once cooled off we trot. Dad took us along a trail beside terraced grape fields that looked down on the the town. Looking across the valley to the church the three old Italians were still gabbing. Time to go back, this time through the back streets where lunch awaits. Mum wanted a cone for lunch, a cone? We found a bench and dad went to get cone, well this was more like it. A cone filled with squidees!! It was really hot back at the station where we were going to Levanto. Mum said I would get to play in the sea there but it was too hot so we got another train home.

Poppy the westie at Levanto train station
are we on the right side mum?

We got off the train and who was there with us? The french peoplsees. They got on a bus and dad followed only to get right back off again, wrong bus!

They day ended with going for squidees for supper, yum.

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